Today’s modern industries depend on laboratory-driven research and development to release exciting, new products. But between increasing competition, shifting consumer demand and mounting regulatory pressure, companies must balance both external and internal demands while maintaining the pace of innovation. The BIOVIA Solutions Blog covers the latest trends and developments in the materials and life sciences industries, from taking a closer look at breakthrough research to examining the ramifications of newly passed legislation in an increasingly international market.


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Technology has fostered connections across the globe. By implementing digital solutions, organizations across all industries can see benefits such as streamlined processes, automated workflows and improved collaboration. From managing high volume data sets generated during research, determining product viability during development and guaranteeing quality during manufacturing, digital solutions allow firms to run their organizations more efficiently and effectively.


BIOVIA supports many industries by offering digital solutions specifically tailored for their needs.


i-caduceusBiopharmaceutical: Biologics have revolutionized medicine and offered new therapies for patients, but developing these innovative drugs require more intricate processes than those necessary for traditional small-molecule drugs. BIOVIA solutions come equipped with many flexible features, including the capability to manage the high volume data generated during the discovery and development phases and to screen drug candidates for efficacy and developability.


Pharmaceutical: Small-molecule drugs remain a large portion of the life sciences industry, but growing external pressures have led to an increased focus on quality and preventing drug shortages and recalls. BIOVIA offers tools that enable companies to take ownership of quality and establish an enterprise-wide culture throughout their organization while keeping overhead costs down and ensuring regulatory compliance.


CPG/Food & beverage:  From everyday household goods to convenient, flavorful meals, the pressure is high to develop innovative products that appeal to savvy consumers. BIOVIA solutions streamline the release cycle by including the ability to identify and source crucial ingredients for formulation testing and to reference past and present experiments for important insights.


Oil & Gas/Energy: To keep pace with demand and the public consciousness, organizations are working to keep costs down in volatile oil and gas markets and to make alternative energy sources a feasible reality. BIOVIA specializes in solutions that eliminate inefficiency and wasted resources by transitioning from outdated systems, which in turn provides better access to the information necessary to make better decisions.


Specialty chemicals: Agrochemicals and plastics are only two of the markets within the specialty chemicals industry. From flexible chemical management tools that improve compliance and safety to molecular modeling software that enables virtual simulation and screening, organizations can find a BIOVIA offering appropriate for their needs.


In addition to covering the latest trends and issues related to industry interests and needs, the BIOVIA Solutions Blog features insight into the challenges that organizations face and the solutions able to address their concerns. Sign up today to receive regular updates on the latest news and topics, including our newsletter curated to your interests!


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