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Mind the gap: essential tools for chemical development innovation

Part two of a free two-part webinar series, this webinar will discuss strategies for increasing lab, researcher and experiment efficiency, what technology is available to drive these efficiencies and how chemical development labs today are achieving the next level of successful innovation.

Today’s chemical development labs are busy places that create new chemicals, new formulations and new products that boost the bottom line. However, legacy solutions often create gaps and impediments in workflows, making it difficult to find and share data, and hampering innovation. To succeed, the lab must close the gaps to speed up its pace of innovation. We examine the technology and tools that will help open the way to new revenue streams for the organization.

At the end of this webinar you will know how to:

  • Assess which lab workflows are impeding innovation
  • Shorten and reduce experiment cycles
  • Ensure chemical safety, management and regulatory compliance
  • Streamline lab workflows to maxmise researcher efficiency

Presented by Julian Willmott, Solution Architect

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