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Tips and Tools for Speeding Up the Pace of Chemical Development Innovation

Today’s chemical development labs are busy places that create new chemicals, new formulations and new products that boost the bottom line. However, legacy solutions often impede workflows, make it difficult to find and share data, and hamper innovation. To succeed, the lab must speed up its pace of innovation.

Hosted and moderated by Lab Manager Magazine, this webinar examines the challenges that impede scientific innovation and what it takes to enable the lab and its researchers to take research to the next level, thus opening the way to new revenue streams for the organization.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Assess which lab workflows are impeding innovation
  • Eliminate dead-ends in exploratory experiments
  • Expedite evaluation of scale-up recipes
  • Shorten and reduce experiment cycles
  • Reduce the number of physical experiments with virtual screening
  • Assess collaboration tools that enable team participation
  • Streamline lab workflows to maximize researcher efficiency

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