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Introducing Accelrys Chemical Registration 3.0

In this webinar we will introduce the all new Accelrys Chemical Registration system. Registration is an essential informatics task in the research and discovery cycle that captures which compound(s) have been made and whether they are novel (unique) or are new lots (instances) of a compound that has already been synthesized or purchased by that organization in the past.

By attending this webinar,

  • Medicinal and synthetic chemists will learn how Accelrys Chemical Registration provides a simple and intuitive way to register the compounds that they have made.
  • Research and development managers will learn that how they can use the system to ensure that the IP around their project’s compounds is protected and how they can easily monitor the registration activities of their teams
  • Research IT and cheminformatics specialists will learn how the system provides significant benefits in implementation, configuration and maintenance including
  • Zero install deployments through the use of interactive web clients
  • How to provide collaborator and CRO access with minimum configuration through the use of the web clients
  • How the system is easy to maintain and extend through configuration and application extension using graphical programming within Pipeline Pilot protocols rather than coding
  • How the provision of Web Service APIs allow simple integration of registration functionality into other applications and user interfaces such as an ELN

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