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Enhancing Productivity of Internal and Externalized Research through Integrated Cheminformatics Systems

Cheminformatics applications provide a means for scientific research companies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their discovery projects by ensuring that their scientists have straightforward and timely access to all available data from across the organizations allowing them to make better decisions faster. The Accelrys Cheminformatics Suite is a set of applications that let users register, search, mine and analyze information on chemical structures and reactions, chemically modified sequences and associated data such as inventory, assay and analytical results.

The suite also enables the sharing of information between collaborators and CROs as part of multi-company discovery projects. This is increasingly important as discovery research has become an externalized process in which research is conducted across a network of research scientists that are in-house, at academic and research institute collaborators and at contract research organizations (CROs). In these collaboration networks chemical synthesis, biological assay development and execution, safety assessment and all other aspects of the process may all be conducted by different organizations. The nature of the collaborations is also changing from “fee-for-service” to collaborative development of IP. These expanding collaboration networks present significant IT challenges as data must be exchanged between partners in the collaboration quickly and securely to allow the projects to proceed as efficiently as possible.

In this webinar we will introduce the Accelrys Cheminformatics suite and show how it has been used to increase the efficiency of the research process. We will cover the following recently announced products:

  • Accelrys Chemical Registration is an intuitive, easy-to-use, web-based application that supports zero-install deployment. Graphically built Pipeline Pilot protocols make the application easy to configure and extend to satisfy business and application requirements. Built-in web service capabilities streamline scientific workflows by enabling scientists to register molecules directly from other software applications including Electronic Lab Notebooks. The underlying architecture supports fast and easy database schema configuration, making it possible for research IT to configure additional attributes for chemical entities without having to customize the database and application.
  • HEOS® by SCYNEXIS is a SaaS based solution for collaborative drug discovery now being sold by Accelrys. HEOS is a cloud-based workspace in which multiple, disparate companies, academic collaborators or CROs can exchange scientific data securely and in real-time. By using HEOS, project teams across all organizations can have instant access to information that they are authorized to see about their projects. For companies managing collaboration networks, individual partners can be spun-up and down very quickly as the collaboration network changes, and collaboration data is kept separately from internal research data until such time as it is appropriate to bring it back into in-house systems.

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