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Introducing Accelrys Direct 8.0

In this webinar we will describe the new features that are included in Accelrys Direct 8.0.

New Chemical Representation features:

  • New bond types:
    • Haptic bond
    • Variable bond
    • Coordination/Dative bond
    • Hydrogen bond
  • Non Specific Structure (NONS); an extension to the current Markush structure storage capabilities
  • Markush Homology groups
  • Structure defining formula
    Usage scenarios for these features will be described. In addition a number of performance enhancements have been incorporated into Accelrys Direct 8.0.
  • Multi-threading for substructure searches (SSS)
  • Turboboost
These technologies facilitate the searching of large databases and this release has been validated against a database containing 100 million structures

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