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Integration of Molecular Discovery's GRID within Discovery Studio 3.0 Webinar

GRID from Molecular Discovery has been applied in the field of structure-based drug design for over 25 years. Applications of GRID Molecular Interaction Fields range from physicochemical property prediction, virtual screening, ADME modeling, site of metabolism prediction, in addition to optimization of potency and selectivity through structure-based design or 3D QSAR techniques.  Through the Accelrys Partner Program, prototype Pipeline Pilot protocols have been developed that allow set-up, execution and analysis of results from GRID calculations within Discovery Studio 3.0. In this webinar we will discuss how and why GRID can aid your structure-based design program: the integration with Discovery Studio enables streamlined access to this science within a familiar interface, analysis of results within Discovery Studio offers potential for further value through integration with other tools and calculations.

Simon Cross – Senior Scientist & Product Manager, Molecular Discovery Ltd.
Noj Malcolm – Lead Scientist, Accelrys
Adrian Stevens – Senior Product Marketing Manager, Accelrys

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