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Design better biologics with improved stability and binding affinity

Monoclonal antibody (mAB) has become an important class of biological drugs in recent years. Many of the biological and biophysical properties of protein therapeutics can be predicted based on their sequence and structure information and computational tools have been used widely in assisting antibody design in pharmatheutical industry. Discovery Studio provides well validated and comprehensive set of tools for in silico design of antibodies. It has a robust and easy to follow workflow to create antibody structures, calculates various antibody properties based on its structure, including isoelectric points, aggregation propensity and pH-dependent stability, etc. It also allows you to mutate the protein sequence and to predict the thermal stability or pH-dependent stability profile of the mutants. New tool is added to identify the possible sites to create disulphide bridges to improve protein stability. Here we will give a brief overview of the capabilities of Discovery Studio in modelling and designing anbitodies, discuss the scientific validation results of some of the methods and highlight the new functionalities and improvements in the upcoming release.

Presented by Lisa Yan, Senior Manager, Life Sciences R&D

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