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What's New in Discovery Studio 3.5

The latest release of Discovery Studio, 3.5, is the most comprehensive modelling and simulation solution for both small molecules and macromolecules research.

This webinar will provide an overview of the new scientific functionality available in the latest release, including new market-leading tools to calculate Antibodies Developability Index, new pH-dependent mutation energy algorithm for protein-protein binding, updated techniques for modelling antibody loops and annotating antibody sequences.

In the small molecules domain, we will showcase a brand new and peer-review validated ligand profiling database for drug repurposing and adverse side effect prediction, new fragment-based design tools for both in-situ lead optimization and scaffold-hopping, and the novel application of Matched Molecular Pairs (MMPs) analysis to study both activity cliffs and activity effects in screening results.

Presented by Adrian Stevens, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Accelrys

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