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Electronic Lab Notebooks in the "First to File" Era: What Every R&D Organization Needs to Know

The Leahy-Smith America Invents Act, of 2011, better known as just “the AIA,” fundamentally changed the U.S. patent laws. On March 16, 2013, longstanding U.S. laws granting patent rights to “the first-to-invent” were largely replaced by laws granting patent rights to “the first-inventor-to-file” a patent application. As a result, questions have arisen concerning the wisdom and/or necessity of maintaining laboratory notebooks, including electronic laboratory notebooks (“ELNs”), in a post-AIA world. The presentation will explore the legal pros and cons of employing ELNs for research after March 16, 2013, and address several topics through examples, including:

  • Potential uses for ELNs under the AIA
  • Using electronic record in the Patent Office and U.S. Courts
  • Creating legally admissible and reliable ELN record
  • General considerations in selecting, designing, and implementing ELN systems, policies and procedures

Who should attend:

  • Lab Managers
  • Scientists
  • R&D Managers, Directors, Executives
  • IT Managers, Directors, Executives

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