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From Chaos To Control: Aligning Chemical Inventory Workflows Throughout the Enterprise

At first glance chemical inventory management seems deceptively simple: You receive chemicals, store them, use them, and dispose the empty containers when you are done. Planning an Enterprise scale chemical inventory system reveals more complexities. There are many intricate inventory management processes to consider that involve optimizing inventory levels, logistics, replenishment, disposition and forecasting.Many organizations track their chemical inventory on paper, with a basic spreadsheet program, or use legacy in-house solutions. Unfortunately, these solutions don’t scale well (or at all), do not provide accurate information, or are too complex and IT resource-intensive to maintain. The result is often a chaotic scramble of unnecessary duplicate ordering, wasted researcher time spent looking for containers that may or may not exist, inaccurate reporting, and high disposal costs due to chemicals that expire before use.This webinar provides tips and techniques that align chemical inventory workflows throughout the enterprise, and implement easy to maintain controls and processes to eliminate the chaos.Attendees will learn how to:

  • Identify and optimize inventory management workflows
  • Maintain inventory integrity
  • Manage and mitigate the amount of chemicals on site
  • Eliminate chemical safety deficiencies
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

TUNE INTO OUR LIVE WEBINAR to hear Bryan discuss how to gain control of your chemical inventory, increase researcher efficiency, lower chemical costs and waste, and reduce risk in the organization.

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