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How Research Organizations Can Ensure Compliance with the GHS CLP Chemical Regulation

Part one of a free two-part webinar series, this webinar looks at the latest revisions of the CLP Classification, Labeling and Packaging of substances and mixtures regulation.

Research labs typically have thousands of chemicals on site, many of which are hazardous materials. Each of these will require compliance with the latest revisions in ECHA’s CLP Classification, Labelling and Packaging of substances and mixtures regulation. These revisions align with the UN’s Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Chemical Classification and Labelling, and require all hazardous chemicals on site to have a new GHS-compliant label and an updated Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Presented by regulatory expert Louise Halpin and BIOVIA’s Anne Sefried, the webinar will also cover:

  • Planning strategies to ensure CLP compliance
  • Integrating chemical and Safety Data Sheet management with laboratory systems

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