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The challenge to adapt to a continually changing regulatory environment while striving to reduce cost and develop more effective therapeutics has arisen as one of the key hurdles to success in today’s life science industries. Any deviation or compliance issue, no matter how small, can significantly impact the overall success of new releases as well as the organization as a whole. As biotherapeutics organizations continue to externalize, teams must be able to effectively communicate and share growing numbers of documents and regulatory information.

Current document and quality management systems are proving too inefficient and outdated to continue to be sustainable in this environment. Paper versions of key documents can be lost or damaged, manual transcription of data can result in errors, and multiple versions of the same document can increase approval time. All of this inefficiency and inflexibility causes delays in the documentation and review process and can lead to serious compliance issues with regulatory bodies.

The License to Cure Industry Solution Experience combines Quality, Regulatory, and Compliance teams with a comprehensive electronic and quality management system, facilitating a streamlined, open regulatory management environment. It empowers leadership with improved insight into their regulatory and compliance initiatives, ultimately accelerating therapeutic approval, production, and patient adoption in a global landscape.

Upcoming Webinars

Date Title and Speaker
June 20, 2018
2:00 pm ET

The Data Enabled Revolution in Formulations Development
Snehal Srikrishna, Director, PwC USA and Vitaly Glozman, PwC USA, Partner


The biopharma industry has had major paradigm shifts in recent years for the development and commercialization of established and emerging categories of therapeutics.

Today’s webinar will provide a perspective on these major trends and challenges and discuss key capabilities needed for next generation CMC development including:

  • Phase-appropriate CMC development approaches e.g. Quality by Design (QbD) approaches to improve product quality and accelerate time to market
  • Integrated CMC development strategies e.g. drug-device combination products
  • Product Lifecycle Management e.g. data for process characterization & development and managing product variations
  • Oversight & Risk Management process to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of CMC development with external CMC partners
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Past Webinars

Title and Speaker

Introducing License to Cure for BioPharma – Industry Solution Experience

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies need an effective way to adapt and manage their processes in order to industry demands such as competition, globalization, lower margins and increasing regulatory requirements. Adding to these challenges is the fact that functional areas within organizations often have their own silos of content not easily shared with each other.

Dassault Systèmes License to Cure for BioPharma provides an integrated, online platform where companies can digitally share activities across their global operations. By focusing on the therapeutic lifecycle, the solution creates a seamless and continuous data flow that enables transparency from clinical activity through manufacturing and full commercialization.

License to Cure provides a connected and comprehensive regulatory and quality platform to accelerate therapeutic approval, production and patient adoption in a global landscape.

Join us for the webinar as we will cover:

  • The latest trends and challenges facing the pharmaceutical and biotech industries
  • How the License to Cure for BioPharma can address those challenges
  • Examples of organizations that have used the capabilities of License to Cure and the benefits they have gained

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