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Webinar: Demonstration of the Accelrys Experiment Knowledge Base (EKB) in Formulations Science

The demands on research and development in formulations science are relentless - get to market quickly, improve product quality, increase environmental-friendliness, and at the same time create formulations that scale from the lab to commercial manufacturing without a hitch.  Formulation scientists have "hit the wall" with traditional LIMS and informatics systems, and are increasingly looking for ways to bring together all aspects of experimentation into a single formulations system that helps them to do it all.

Attend this second webcast in the series of Formulation Science to see EKB in action to address real-world formulations challenges.  Dr. Michael Doyle, Principal Scientist and Director of Product Marketing at Accelrys will demonstrate EKB in the context of the challenges faced every day by formulations scientists and answer questions from the audience.

The Experiment Knowledge Base (EKB) by Accelrys is a Packaged Professional Services solution designed to guide materials experimentation by allowing users to intelligently plan, execute, analyze and manage experiments. EKB also extracts, transforms and loads data from previous experiments and other systems, thereby making laboratories more productive, more effective in developing innovative materials and more sustainable both environmentally and economically.

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