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Materials Modeling & Simulation for Automotive Research & Development

Join us as we take a look into the Automotive Industry and how Molecular  modeling and informatics tools are aiding in the research and development of new and renewable automotive materials.

The best companies are driven by new ideas and the automotive industry is no exception. Auto makers are beginning tothink like tech companies in that keeping up with customer demands requires constant innovation. It is now well accepted that computer modeling and simulation at multi-scale levels offers substantial opportunities for scientific and engineering breakthroughs that cannot otherwise be realized using laboratory experiments, observations, or statistical data analysis alone.

In this webinar, we will discuss how molecular modeling and simulation is becoming an indispensable tool in the arsenal needed to address many energy, sustainability and environmental problems that auto makers and companies across all industries face. Learn how understanding the molecular processes in next-generation fuel cells and battery technologies will play an important role in the design of new approaches for future alternative energy production and use. We’ll also discuss cutting-edge modeling and simulation methods and how they’re addressing scientific questions relevant to dynamic and reactive chemical processes such as catalysis, hydrogen storage and materials performance enhancements.   

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