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Chemistry Harmonization with Accelrys Pipeline Pilot 9.0

Pipeline Pilot Chemistry 9.0 is inheriting many new chemical representations from the Accelrys Direct data model. These include the support of the Self Contained Sequence Representation (SCSR) biologics, enhanced Markush structure representations, Markush homology groups, and Non Specific Structures (NONS). Also significantly enhanced is the support for Sgroups, in particular for polymers, mixtures, and formulations. Further, Pipeline Pilot depiction has been upgraded to support these enhancements and the stereochemical perception and ring perception capabilities were improved based on Direct.

The major benefit of these changes is that Direct and Pipeline Pilot now use the same data model. Searches carried out in Direct or in Pipeline Pilot will return identical results and both products will deliver identical structural perceptions. This webinar will give guidance on how these changes will impact your calculators and models and how you can plan for a smooth upgrade.

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