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Leveraging Accelrys Enterprise Platform in Preclinical Imaging - Invicro Preclinical Image Management and Analysis

A major challenge faced life science research organization involves streamlining data organization and processing across multiple verticals along the drug discovery and development process. Accelrys Enterprise Platform (AEP) can within a simple dashboard present all the relevant pieces of information that a program leader would need to make an informed go /no go decision. Accelrys and InviCRO have partnered to augment our capabilities in the preclinical imaging space. Here we will present a case study demonstrating integration of multiple software packages specifically designed for pre-clinical imaging efforts and now being used in novel translational projects. These include a DICOM-compliant pre-clinical viewing and post-processing suite. As well as a powerful web-based project management system designed for pre-clinical in vivo imaging applications. This platform allows for the efficient management, distribution, analysis and presentation of images and data associated with pre-clinical studies.

Presented by: Tim Moran, Director Product Management, Accelrys
Bill Cupelo, Product Manager InviCRO

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