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Discover New Lead Compounds 10x Faster - High Content Screening

Join us to hear a case study about a breakthrough discovery using a new drug screening platform for High Content Screening. Learn how Dr. Ross Paveley and his team from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine are using this platform for research on Schistosomiasis, a neglected disease affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide. The Schistosomiasis project resulted in the first automated high-throughput whole organism screening platform for schistosomicidal activity.

Learn how to:

  • Use Bright-Field Imaging for High-Content Screening
  • Screen Large Compound Collections Against Whole Organisms or Cells
  • Evaluate detailed morphological changes in cells or whole organisms without fluorescent probes or tranfectants

You’ll also learn how this new drug screening platform technology can:

  • Be readily adapted for all types of whole cell or organism based screens
  • Help researchers with limited development or IT skills to design and extend their own robotic, integrated, high throughput screening system
  • Use automated image capture and analysis of drug efficacy
  • Allow an integrated assessment of both motility (based on time lapsed imaging) with morphological phenotype (based on statistical prediction models such as Bayesian learning)

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