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Taking your Protocols Mobile! Introducing the Pipeline Pilot Mobile Collection

The recent 9.2 release of Pipeline Pilot now fully includes the Mobile Collection. This collection allows you to create and deploy Pipeline Pilot protocols to mobile (iOS) devices within your organization. The Mobile Collection allows you to deploy pre-existing protocols to iOS devices, and also includes new components that allow you to write protocols to access hardware elements of iOS devices, such as the camera, GPS and audio system. Furthermore, the Mobile Collection includes Reporting components to enable you to create mobile-optimized reports.

This webinar will cover these features of the Mobile Collection. You may have heard that the Mobile Collection can be used as part of the BIOVIA ScienceCloud (http://www.sciencecloud.com), which is absolutely true. But it can also be used independently of, or in combination with, ScienceCloud.

Presented by Andrew LeBeau, Director Product Marketing, BIOVIA

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