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Building Compliance and Operational Excellence into your Quality Lab Operations

Typical paper-based Quality Testing systems are not only inefficient and extend process times; they are also the one overarching cause of high compliance risk. The inherently error-prone, paper-based Quality Testing systems deployed at many Pharmaceutical and Biological manufacturing sites can become serious issues during FDA Quality Testing inspections. FDA-issued 483 warning letters are only the beginning of a significant remediation and "corrective and preventive action" (CAPA) process that takes additional time and money away from what the Quality Testing system should be focused on the release of product.

This webinar will discuss these challenges and illustrate a typical workflow with the BIOVIA Quality Testing solution that helps to overcome these challenges.

Presented By: Gene Tetreault, Sr. Director, Products and Marketing for the Laboratory Informatics Portfolio and Dr. Daniela Jansen, Product Marketing Manager

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