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Webinar Series: Pipeline Pilot 8.0

What's New in Pipeline Pilot 8.0

Through the introduction of a range of new functionality, Pipeline Pilot 8.0 improves the speed and quality of scientific innovation, meets the security and scalability needs of the enterprise, and enables superior collaboration for research teams.

Join us for this overview session to learn how:

  • The new Design Mode and Data Watch Windows make it faster and easier to build and debug protocols.
  • Many new enhancements to the Imaging, Chemistry and Statistics Collections will provide deeper and more comprehensive scientific capabilities. We will go in-depth into these Collections in future webinars.
  • Extended platform support, database management, server load monitoring and the ability to set access permissions at the folder level or user role enable Pipeline Pilot to meet the security and scalability needs of your scientific and IT communities.
  • Enhanced integration with SharePoint Server 2007 and new Reporting Collection capabilities will help you and your teams communicate quickly and effectively.

Each of these topics will be discussed in-depth in future webinars. This session is intended to be an overview of new features found in the latest release of Pipeline Pilot.


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