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BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Analytical Instrumentation

Some of the most critical decisions R&D organizations make are based on analytical lab results, yet complex lab environments and cumbersome processes impede the production of timely, reliable, actionable information. The adverse results of this situation include longer time to market, higher risks, and increased overhead costs.

The Analytical Instrumentation Collection enables Pipeline Pilot to access, process and share data generated in your analytical lab. With this collection you can streamline the processing of analytical data, generate reports and share results more easily with other departments.

With the Analytical Instrumentation Collection you can:

  • Share analytical characterization results more effectively within your organization
  • Improve productivity by capturing repetitive workflows, integrating analysis algorithms, and sharing best data analysis practices
  • Reduce efforts by creating automatic reports that can easily be customized to meet the varying needs of end users
  • Integrate otherwise isolated data silos and create collaborative research environments

Read the Analytical Instrumentation Collection Datasheet

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