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BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Clarivate Analytics Cortellis

Keeping up with the “data deluge” is one of most challenging aspects of research in the life sciences. Knowing what others are doing and in particular what breakthroughs are happening, especially by your competitors, is a time-consuming and difficult task. If you’re fortunate enough to find valuable external information, then you have the additional challenge of integrating it with your own research and data.

Now, with the Clarivate Analytics Cortellis™ collection, you can significantly simplify this activity by directly accessing the extensive life sciences information from the Cortellis databases within Pipeline Pilot protocols and seamlessly integrate this with your internal data. The Cortellis collection was built as part of an ongoing partnership between BIOVIA and Clarivate Analytics and provides access to Cortellis databases including Drug Targets, Compounds, Companies, Clinical Trials and Results, and Patents, amongst others.

The combination of this industry-leading content with the unparalleled data processing, analytical and reporting capabilities of Pipeline Pilot provide a truly unique solution for competitive intelligence and information management in the life sciences.

BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Clarivate Analytics Cortellis features:

  • Access many of the Cortellis databases through simple component interfaces
  • Cortellis-specific Reporting components for easily generating output reports
  • Ability to integrate with other Pipeline Pilot components to build dashboards and web apps for competitive intelligence
  • Integrated management of Cortellis licensing*

* Note: Use of the Pipeline Pilot Clarivate Analytics Cortellis collection requires a license to the Clarivate Analytics Cortellis databases that can be obtained directly from Clarivate Analytics.

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