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BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Gene Expression & BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Mass Spectrometry for Proteomics

Gene Expression allows you to process, analyze, annotate and report on array-based gene expression experiments. The collection’s core functionality is based on BioConductor, the widely used open source and open development software project in R for the analysis and comprehension of genomic data.

Gene Expression Features

  • Analyze and annotate gene expression experiments
  • Easily use BioConductor tools without scripting or knowledge of R packages
  • Integrate R/BioConductor analyses with analyses conducted with other Collections including the Data Modeling (R Statistics), NGS, Sequence Analysis and Mass Spec Proteomics Collections
  • Create comprehensive reports
  • Download and analyze GEO data sets

Read the Gene Expression Collection Datasheet

Mass Spectrometry for Proteomics offers a comprehensive set of components and example protocols to create and automate proteomics and metabolomics workflows. The protocols capture your processing steps and flow your experimental data through components to read, write, visualize, manipulate, analyze, compare and report results. The data models support quick processing of large files and carry detailed information at multiple levels.

Mass Spec for Proteomics Features

  • Analyze and annotate proteomics experiments based on mass spectrometry data
  • Read in with .RAW*, .wiff, SEQUEST DTA, ANDI (netCDF), Mascot MGF or mzXML files
  • View your data with interactive chromatograms, 2D mass spec run charts, scan charts, feature peak charts, retention time drift charts, fragmentograms, peptide and protein viewers with drill down and heat maps
  • Perform protein identification using X!Tandem to extract peptides and mapped proteins
  • Use XCMS to extract, identify and align feature peaks for differential profiling
  • Calculate ASAPRatio of protein abundance from tagged samples

Read the Mass Spec for Proteomics Datasheet

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