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BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Mobile

Pipeline Pilot protocols deployed into web applications, such as Web Port, Insight, etc. are of fundamental importance for accessing and analyzing scientific data in your organization. While it remains true that the most common place where data and information access is needed is your primary workspace(s), where a desktop or laptop machine is perfectly suitable, increasingly in our personal and work lifestyles we require “anytime” access to information to address issues quickly and accurately, often in ad hoc collaboration with colleagues. The increasing use of smartphones and tablets trains us to expect this instantaneous access to data, as well as providing alternative methods of data input to the standard keyboard and mouse.

BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Mobile is built to provide this instantaneous access. By using the ScienceCloud Tasks app, end-users can access powerful but simple-to-use Pipeline Pilot protocols directly from their iPads or iPhones. You can deploy pre-existing Pipeline Pilot protocols, as “tasks” into the app, typically with no changes to the protocol. Additionally, the Mobile collection provides components for rich input (e.g., audio, GPS location, camera) that fully utilize the touch-enabled environment of iOS devices. You can also use the Mobile collection for mobile-optimized (HTML5-based) charting for a sophisticated end-user experience.

BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Mobile features:

  • “Mobilize” existing Pipeline Pilot protocols, often with no changes necessary
  • Touch-enabled chemistry sketcher for molecule input
  • Create new protocols with rich input such as voice, GPS coordinates and camera
  • Mobile-optimized (HTML5) charts and reports

The Mobile collection can be used entirely on-premises, connected to an internal Pipeline Pilot server. Although end-users will access the protocols as tasks in the “ScienceCloud Tasks” app, this can be used internally without a subscription to ScienceCloud (though using ScienceCloud can enhance your externalized research collaborations).

The Tasks app is available for iOS devices (iPads, iPhones) and is free. You can try it today by downloading it from iTunes. The app comes with a demonstration account so try it now!

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