BIOVIA Electronic Laboratory Notebooks

25% productivity improvement, error reduction and easier reporting by moving from paper based lab notebooks to BIOVIA

BIOVIA Workbook for Drug Development

BIOVIA Workbook is a multidisciplinary electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) that is uniquely positioned to drive process efficiency and improve compliance for analytical, process and formulations scientists working in collaborative pharmaceutical development environments. Using an ELN helps scientists deliver chemical and biological entities to patients faster, more cost effectively and with higher quality.

BIOVIA Workbook connects scientists, instruments and software efficiently within an electronic laboratory environment. The Notebook replaces tedious, error-prone processes with centralized, consistent and collaborative workflows. The BIOVIA Workbook is configurable—providing the flexibility needed in early development for route design, method development and formulation design—and the rigidity required downstream for standardized, compliant validation and scale-up processes.

  • Case Study: ELNs: Helping Organizations Boldly Go. Learn how three top pharmas execute faster, more informed science.

Key Benefits for Drug Development

  • Remove inefficient paper-based workflows
  • Drive consistent and comparable processes
  • Accelerate and improve tech transfer
  • Support Quality-by-Design (QbD) initiatives
  • Avoid unnecessary experiment repetition
  • Gain insight and improve experiment design
  • Foster collaboration within and between groups
  • Enable faster, more reliable reporting

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