BIOVIA Electronic Laboratory Notebooks

25% productivity improvement, error reduction and easier reporting by moving from paper based lab notebooks to BIOVIA

BIOVIA Workbook for Synthetic Chemistry

BIOVIA Workbook is an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) that is uniquely configurable to be used across multiple scientific disciplines.

BIOVIA Workbook accelerates the designing, documenting, storing, and secure sharing of synthesis experiments with proven chemical representation, molecule/reaction searching, small-molecule library enumeration and compound registration capabilities.

Chemists can use the registration service to register purchased or synthesized compounds while also quickly capturing information from document management and laboratory information management systems.

  • Case Study:Paperfree from Day One: ELN Drives Collaborative Research at Kalexsyn

Key Features and Benefits Synthetic and Medicinal Chemists

  • Capture all synthesis knowledge
  • Re-use information to improve results
  • Improve synthetic workflows and collaboration
  • Access commercial synthesis and sourcing information
  • Register compounds from within workflows

Additional Information

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