Accord Chemistry Cartridge - 6.0.2 Update

A 6.0.2. version of the DS Accord Chemistry Cartridge is available. This release fixes a problem in the 6.0.1 release that could potentially affect users that have molfile data containing custom information stored in AEI (specifically records containing an S group of type DAT). In certain cases, if such records are encountered during a structure search, they may cause the AEI server to crash. DS Accord Chemistry Cartridge 6.0.2, which contains a fix for this problem, is now available for download.

For users that have yet to install AEI 6.0, simply install the 6.0.2 cartridge instead of the 6.0.1 cartridge that shipped when AEI 6.0 was originally released when you install AEI 6.0.

Download and Install the Accord Chemistry Cartridge 6.0.2. Update

To upgrade the DS Accord Chemistry Cartridge in your AEI 6.0 instance from 6.0.1 to 6.0.2 please shutdown your AEI servers and disable all log-ins by following the procedures listed under 'Shutdown the AEI Servers and disable logins' on p5-14 of the AEI 6.0 Upgrade and Installation Guide. Then follow the upgrade instructions for UNIX and/ or Windows described on pp1-2 in the 6.0.2 Cartridge Release Notes as appropriate. Finally, restart the AEI servers and re-enable log-ins as described on pp5-19 to 5-20 of the AEI 6.0 Upgrade and Installation Guide. Note that with this upgrade there is no need to drop or rebuild the SUBCHEMISTRYINDEX.

Please note that in the release notes for the DS Accord Chemistry Cartridge 6.0.2, the default location for the cartridge SQL folder listed on p1 is incorrect. The correct default location should be either 'C:\Program Files\Common Files\Accelrys\Accord 6\SQL\Cartridge\Oracle 8i' or 'C:\Program Files\Common Files\Accelrys\Accord 6\SQL\Cartridge\Oracle 9i', depending upon which version of Oracle you are running.