Accord for Excel Enterprise - 6.1 Update

A patch to resolve a number of issues reported by customers since the release of Accord for Excel Enterprise 6.1 is now available. This patch fixes the following issues:

  • The PowerUser Template does not retrieve Result Types while retrieving some assay data using the column headers: corporate id, assay, protocol, result type and result value
  • Column header disappears in the PowerUser Template. If column headers are placed any where other than in cell A1 then on retrieving the information from the database the column headers are lost
  • Registration fails if compounds are registered without selecting the entire range or if the user perform two registrations with different mappings
  • With the regional setting of German Swiss selected, the application throws an exception while retrieving date field data in the compound template
  • Incorrect data is retrieved if a blank cell is encountered under the Corporate ID column header
  • Duplicate data for unique sample corporate id retrieved in the Compound template if date formatted field like "Reg Date" or "Date Prepared" is in the query
  • Expiration of the Accord for Excel Enterprise digital certificate

Download the Accord for Excel Enterprise 6.1 Update

Further information, including installation instructions are provided in the patch (version 6.1.3), which can be downloaded here »