Accord Software Development Kit - 6.1.5 Update

A new version of the Accord SDK, version 6.1.5 is available for downloading. This update includes the following new features:

  • Ability to display custom data tags from MDL Molfile and ISIS/Sketch formats
  • Ability to customize the display of stereo groups symbols
  • Added options to group overlapping fragments in a single molecule and to avoid reaction layout
  • Added options in the SMILES driver to specify the stereo group class of stereo centres
  • Superatoms labels are correctly displayed at the point of attachment as defined in the original input format (Chemdraw)
  • Superatoms labels and formulas show subscripted numbers as appropriate
  • pka/LogD calculator produces output in the pH column even if the input chemistry is empty

Download the Accord SDK 6.1.5 Update

More detailed information on these new features can be found in the Release Notes that accompanies this release.

Download a zip archive containing this version »