Discovery Studio 1.5 - Update 1

This update provides the following enhancements:

Trajectory analysis : You can now copy one or more frames from a trajectory to another window using the clipboard. Each frame creates a new molecule object in the new window, which can be used in subsequent analyses.

Molecular typing : When you copy structures between windows using the clipboard, atom typing information is automatically transferred.

Energy calculations on large proteins : You can now use the Simulations protocols for large protein structures (> 1000 residues) on the Windows platform.

PDB download : The PDB web site URL for downloading structures ( has changed recently, and the default setting has been updated accordingly. Note that if you have already selected a custom download URL in Discovery Studio it is necessary to select the new URL from the PDB Location subpage of the Preferences dialog after installing the update.

Rigid docking : You can use the Docking protocol to process all structures in flexible docking mode after processing a rigid molecule.

Residue selection : Residue selection when using the distance >= operator at the residue level has been enhanced to include all subsistents of selected residues.


On Windows : Download and execute DS151Update.exe. (4 Mb)

On Linux : Download DS151Update_linux.tar.gz (28 Mb) and execute the following commands:

>cat DS151Update_linux.tar.gz | gunzip | tar xvf - >./