Discovery Studio 1.7 Updates - Details

Update 1 (version 1.7.1)

This update provides the following enhancements:

  • Structures will always be linked automatically with corresponding sequences after being opened from a BLAST output alignment.
  • RNA A-form duplexes are now built with the correct base-pair propeller twist angle.
  • Proxy server names containing a hyphen are now supported.
  • The performance of the application has been increased when using the Data Table view of the 3D window.
  • On the Linux platform, molecule names containing uppercase characters can now be used as input to the Calculate Interaction Energy Protocol.
  • The 3D window will now update when the CreateAnnotation3D() script function is used.
  • The CreateSurface() script command now supports input arrays that contain non-atoms.
  • The NeighborRadius property for the Mdm:NeighborMonitor class now returns the correct values.
  • The Prepare Ligands protocol will now not require a license for CatConf when 'maxconfs' < 2.
  • A number of minor improvements to the scripting functionality have been included.

In addition, a problem which resulted in a failure of the DS Visualizer client to reconnect to a Linux cluster has been fixed in an updated version of Pipeline Pilot (version 6.0.3). If you are using Discovery Studio with a Linux Cluster, please contact technical support for more details.

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