Discovery Studio 3.1 - Update 1

This update corrects two known issues with the client:

  • Fixed an issue where saving a PowerPoint file on Windows could cause PowerPoint to exit without saving.
  • Improved the stability of opening some large DSV files.


The following update can only be applied to a currently installed version of the Discovery Studio 3.1 client. If you need to install a full version of the updated 3.1 client, use the client installer available from the Accelrys Customer Support Center:


Download DS311Update.exe and run it to begin installation.


Note: If you update the client on Linux using the following script, installing the client from the Pipeline Pilot server or running the previous DS31Client.bin will remove this update. You can verify that your installation is currently 3.1.1 if <DS installation directory>/buildinfo.txt contains the following string: S-110606R2.

  • Download DS311Update.tgz. Note that some browsers such as Internet Explorer may download this file with an extension of .gz.
  • Execute the following commands to extract the contents and begin installation:

    tar -xzvf DS311Update.tgz (or .gz)