License Pack 6.7 - Download Instructions

License Pack 6.7 is the latest of the License Pack 6.x releases. It is similar to License Pack 6.5.x with support for SLSE 9.0 added. It is recommended for use by products not supported by License Pack 7.0 and higher

The License Pack version on the FTP site was last updated on January 26, 2006.

License Pack 6.7 for Windows

Download the lp_win_setup.exe file for Windows from the ftp site. Then run it on your PC and follow the onscreen prompts.

License Pack 6.7 for UNIX

The License Pack exists as a UNIX tar archive on the ftp site.

Download the tar file License_Pack6.7.tar.gz into a temporary directory, then unpack the file and run the install program.

Detailed Instructions

  1. Download the file License_Pack6.7.tar.gz to a temporary directory (e.g., /usr/tmp):
    > cd / usr/tmp

  2. Decompress the License_Pack6.7.tar.gz file and untar the archive
    > cat License_Pack6.7.tar.gz | gunzip | tar xvf -

  3. Change directory to your current installation directory (~accelrys for Cerius2 and QUANTA users or the $BIOSYM_ROOT location for Insight II users):
    > cd /usr/accelrys

  4. Run the installation program:
    > /usr/tmp/lp_setup


License Pack 6.7 Documentation

You can obtain a copy of the Accelrys License Guide by contacting Support or from the documentation site using your documentation user name and password. Note: License Pack 6.7 documentation is identical to that for License Pack 6.5, with the addition of new functionality documented in the License Pack 6.7 Release Notes: