License Pack 7.0 - Download Instructions

License Pack 7.0 is the first release to feature the new user-friendly license administration tool with a graphical user interface, available on Windows and Linux. Also included are enhanced command line tools that make license administration easier. License Pack 7.0 shipped with:

  • Discovery Studio 1.5
  • Materials Studio 4.0

The License Pack version on the FTP site was last updated on January 26, 2006.

License Pack 7.0 for Windows

Download the file lp_setup.exe from the ftp site. Then run it on your PC and follow the onscreen prompts.

License Pack 7.0 for Unix

Download the tar file LicensePack7.0.tar.gz into a temporary directory, then unpack the file and run the install program.

Detailed Instructions

  • Download the tar file LicensePack7.0.tar.gz to a temporary directory (e.g., /usr/tmp):
    > cd /usr/tmp
    > ls
  • Decompress the tar file:
    > cat LicensePack7.0.tar.gz | gunzip | tar xvf -
  • Run the install program and follow the
    onscreen prompts:
    > ./lp_setup

License Pack 7.0 Documentation

License Pack documentation is now included within the License Pack installation. It can be viewed from within the new License Administrator on Windows and Linux or via a web browser on other platforms. For additional release information, which may not be included within this documentation, see the release notes below.

License Pack 7.0 Release Notes »