License Pack 7.4 - Download Instructions

This release features the following new functionality including: automatic multi-core detection, license server License Pack version detection, a license server diagnostics report, and offline access licensing. License Pack 7.4 shipped with:

  • Accelrys Discovery Studio 2.0

Note: For backward compatibility with Quanta 2007, a patch is required to use this version of License Pack. Contact Accelrys Scientific and Technical Support for assistance.

License Pack 7.4 for Windows

Download the file lp_setup.exe , then run it on your PC and follow the onscreen prompts.

License Pack 7.4 for Unix

Download the tar file LicensePack7.4.tar.gz into a temporary directory, then unpack the file and run the install program.

Detailed Instructions

  • Download the tar file LicensePack7.4.tar.gz to a temporary directory (e.g., /usr/tmp):
    > cd /usr/tmp
    > ls
  • Decompress the tar file:
    > cat LicensePack7.4.tar.gz | gunzip | tar xvf -
  • Run the install program and follow the onscreen prompts:
    > ./lp_setup

License Pack 7.4 Documentation

License Pack documentation is included in the License Pack installation. It can be viewed from within the License Administrator on Windows and Linux or via a web browser on other platforms.

What’s New:

  • Automatic multi-core detection
  • License server License Pack version detection
  • License server diagnostics report
  • Offline access licensing