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The Role of the Electronic Lab Notebook within the Research to Manufacturing Lifecycle

The role of the ELN within research is to provide scientists with an environment where they continue to have an efficient notebook to capture IP, providing the freedom to explore, create and develop new theories and ideas. With paper lab notebooks there is a considerable inefficiency in is what is commonly referred to as an “arts and craft project of paper, sticky-tape and glue.” Alone, the removal of manual paper based note-booking is estimated to provide 20 percent efficiency improvement in documentation. Additionally, with information transcribed to an electronic format, scientists can quickly search past experiments across their electronically networked community of researchers. The resulting improved access to experiment information enables scientists to avoid unnecessary repeats and to gain insight from past experimentation.

Download this whitepaper and learn what to look for when selecting an ELN and how different functionalities can electronically connect scientists, information and software from early research to manufacturing execution.

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