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Advanced Data Modeling Training

Overview and Audience

This course covers the use of Pipeline Pilot to build data modeling protocols using our new Recursive Partitioning tools (single and forest tree models), optimise subsets of data such as formulations, mixtures, stock portfolios, and even compound libraries, and select best samples with the Pareto multi-objective algorithm in Pipeline Pilot. The course is intended for users already familiar with customising components and developing custom protocols.   This course is a full-day class.

On completion of the workshop attendees should have the ability to modify and create complex data modeling protocols (RP and Pareto optimisation) utilizing Pipeline Pilot's Advanced Data Modeling tools.

Sample Agenda

  • Data Modeling Review
  • Conventional Single-Tree Model
  • Lookahead Model
  • Multi-Y Model
  • Multi-Tree Forest Model
  • Small Bagged Forest
  • Large Forest of Random Trees
  • Dealing with Imbalanced Data
  • Tree Display and Model Output
  • Multi-objective Pareto Optimisation

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