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Interactive Reports (Forms) Training

Overview and Audience

This course covers the use of the interactive element components available in the Pipeline Pilot Reporting collection. The course covers the use of all of the interactive element components and how to use them to build interactive reports that can be deployed either from the thick client or via Pipeline Pilot Web Port. The course is intended for users already familiar with customizing components and developing custom protocols

This course is a full-day class.

On completion of the workshop attendees should have the ability to modify and create interactive reports utilizing Pipeline Pilot’s Reporting Collection.

Sample Agenda

  • Introduction
  • Building Form and Work Protocols
  • Form Element Components
  • Generic Input Elements
    • Text Box
    • List Box
    • Check Box
    • Radio Button List
    • File Chooser
    • Hidden Form Data
    • Molecular Input Elements
    • ChemDraw Molecule
    • IsisDraw Molecule
    • Action Elements
    • Input Form
    • Submit Button
    • Back Button
  • Publishing to the Pipeline Pilot Web Port

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