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Sequence Analysis Collection Training

Overview and Audience

This course covers the use of the Pipeline Pilot Sequence Analysis collection and is intended for users already familiar with customizing components and developing custom protocols.

This course is a half-day class.

On completion of the workshop attendees should have the ability to modify and create complex sequence analysis protocols utilizing Pipeline Pilot’s wide variety of scientific functionality available in the Sequence Analysis Collection.

Sample Agenda

  • Why use Pipeline Pilot?
    • The Power of Pipeline Pilot
  • Sequence Analysis Collection Components
    • Readers, Writers and Viewers
    • Search and Similarity Tools
    • 3rd Party Tools
  • Data Record Structure
    • Sequence Annotation Properties
    • Sequence Feature Properties
    • Similarity Search Data Structure
    • Alignment Data Structure
  • Database Components
    • Database Integrator Components
    • ODBC Parameters and Interface
    • Parameter Mapping
  • Integration Tools
    • Data model hierarchies
    • Perl API
    • Available utilities
    • Third party tools (BioPerl, BLAST, ClustalW, EMBOSS, GCG, BioJava)

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