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Text Analytics Collection Training

Overview and Audience

The Pipeline Pilot Text Analytics Collection unifies search, analysis, and reporting in diverse literature sources.  This course covers the use of the collection, to that end. 

Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Pipeline Pilot, or equivalent experience in customizing components and developing custom protocols.

Optional Requisite: Introduction to Reporting Collection, Interactive Reporting, or equivalent experience.

This is a full-day course.

On completion of the workshop attendees should have the ability to modify and create protocols utilizing the Pipeline Pilot Text Analytics Collection

Sample Agenda

  • Getting Started
    • Documents
    • Document Fields
    • Basic Text Queries Syntax
  • Searching
    • Remote Databases
    • Local Files and Databases
    • Advanced Queries
  • Annotation
  • Filtering
  • Displaying Results
  • Analytics
    • Correlation
    • Trends
    • Concept Detection
  • Document Data Modelling
    • Exposed Tokenization
    • Weighted Text Vectors
    • Text Fingerprints
    • Classification
    • Clustering
  • Concept Dictionary/Ontologies
  • Natural Language Processing

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