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Accelrys Makes “Quantum Leap” With
Materials Studio 5.5

New Release Benefits Electronics, Chemical, and Alternative Energy Industries

SAN DIEGO, CA, October 4, 2010 -- Accelrys, Inc. (NASDAQ: ACCL), the leading scientific informatics software and services company, today announced the release of Materials Studio® 5.5. This latest release of Accelrys’ state-of-the-art materials modeling & simulation software adds key features for quantum mechanical simulations including time-dependent density functional theory (TD-DFT), which enables non-linear optical property and excited state calculations.

"By improving support for quantum mechanical applications, this new release of Materials Studio will help researchers in designing advanced materials for photovoltaics, batteries, fuel cells, dyes and lighting applications,” said Dr. Trevor Heritage, executive vice president, software products, Accelrys. “Materials Studio 5.5 increases the accuracy of predicted material properties, reducing the number of time consuming and costly experiments it takes to engineer the next generation of materials for green energy, electronics, and other important applications.”

"Materials Studio 5.5 delivers important capabilities that have been requested by many customers in China and throughout Asia," said Mr. Lingxiao Cao, president of NeoTrident, Accelrys’ exclusive business partner in China. "Quantum methods provide insight into processes at the atomic level, transforming chemicals and materials research from a validation activity to one that can guide new innovations in materials science.”

New features added to Materials Studio include UV-Visible Spectra and opto-electronic property prediction with the TD-DFT method, express quantum simulations, studies of materials under applied electric field, and high accuracy structure optimization of systems such as molecular (drug) crystals with dispersion corrected quantum simulations. In addition, the latest version delivers significant improvements in visualization and performance -- substantially enhancing the efficiency of materials researchers.

Materials Studio is a comprehensive materials modeling and simulation application designed for scientists in chemicals and materials R&D as well as pharmaceuticals development. Materials Studio provides a comprehensive set of scientific capabilities for modeling crystal structure and crystallization processes; for property prediction for molecules, polymers, catalysts, and other materials; and for the development of structure-activity relationships.
For more information on Materials Studio, visit http://accelrys.com/products/materials-studio/index.html.

About BIOVIA, Inc.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Accelrys develops scientific informatics software and solutions for the life sciences, energy, chemicals, aerospace, and consumer products industries. Customers include many Fortune 500 companies and other commercial entities, as well as academic and government entities. Accelrys has a vast portfolio of computer-aided design modeling and simulation offerings which assist customers in conducting scientific experiments 'in silico' in order to reduce the duration and cost of discovering and developing new drugs and materials. Its scientific informatics platform underlies the company's computer-aided design modeling and simulation offerings. The Accelrys platform can be used with both Accelrys and competitive products, as well as with customers' proprietary predictive science products. Its flexibility, ease-of-use and advanced chemical, text and image analysis and reporting capabilities enable customers to mine, aggregate, analyze and report scientific data from disparate sources, thereby better utilizing scientific data within their organizations. In July 2010, Accelrys and Symyx Technologies, Inc. merged, combining the market-leading Symyx electronic laboratory notebook, decision support software, and chemical informatics and sourcing databases with the Accelrys portfolio of scientific informatics solutions. For more information about Accelrys and Symyx solutions, visit www.accelrys.com and www.symyx.com.

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements. Such statements, including statements relating to the Company's products, their features, and their impact upon our customers' organizations, are subject to risks and uncertainties including, but not limited to, the risk that our products will not be successfully developed, achieve market acceptance, have the anticipated impact upon our customers' organizations, and other risks and uncertainties described in documents Accelrys has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including its most recent report on Form 10-K and any subsequent interim filings. All forward-looking statements in this document are qualified entirely by the cautionary statements included in this document and such filings. These risks and uncertainties could cause actual results to differ materially from results expressed or implied by forward-looking statements contained in this document. These forward-looking statements speak only as of the date of this document. Accelrys disclaims any intent or obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements contained herein to reflect any change in its expectations with regard thereto or any change in events, conditions or circumstances on which any such statement is based.


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