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Plexxikon implements ELN across all disciplines

Berkeley, CA, September 30, 2010. – A California biotech company Plexxikon deploys one Electronic Laboratory Notebook system for all scientists.

Plexxikon has successfully implemented an Electronic Notebook by Contur Software, Stockholm, Sweden. The new system covers all scientific disciplines, including Medicinal Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Protein Chemistry, Assay Development and Protein Crystallography.

"In order to enable our scientists to better collaborate with each other while documenting our experiments and work, we needed a universal system that could support our scientists across multiple disciplines and the entire organization", says Phillip Kiboneka, Senior Director at Plexxikon.

ConturELN was chosen due to the versatile features and ease of use. More than 10,000 chemistry experiments were extracted from the company's previous system and imported into ConturELN, including preserved reactions, stoichiometric tables and attached files. The system down-time for the scientists was less than one afternoon.

"The implementation of ConturELN and migration of the legacy data was very smooth. The entire project, including planning, chemistry transfer, tool development, migration, education and template creation took less than 8 calendar weeks", continues Phillip Kiboneka.

Contur Software is building a Master Data System for Plexxikon to keep track of research material. Data for registration of protein batches, plasmids, cell lines and structures are drawn directly from the ELN system. As a result Plexxikon obtains an improved traceability and quality while avoiding extra work for the researchers.

"ConturELN has been very well received by the users. We believe that the new common system will strengthen Plexxikon's research further and keep the company in the forefront in the biotech industry", Phillip Kiboneka concludes.

"The Plexxikon case is a great example of the recent shift in ELN installations from discipline specific (ChemistryELN vs. BioELN) to company-wide deployments. We repeatedly see that collaboration in discovery project teams improve when ConturELN is introduced", says Martin Wattin, CEO at Contur Software.

About Plexxikon
Plexxikon is a leader in the discovery and development of novel, small molecule pharmaceuticals. The company has utilized its proprietary discovery platform to successfully develop a portfolio of competitively differentiated clinical and preclinical stage programs in a number of therapeutic areas, including cardio-renal disease, CNS, inflammation, metabolic disease and oncology. Plexxikon's headquarter is located in Berkeley, CA. www.plexxikon.com.

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