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Contur Software delivers cloud based ELN solution to chemistry research company Key Organics

Contur Software AB, a wholly owned subsidiary of Accelrys, Inc (NASDAQ:ACCL), today announced that compound supplier Key Organics Ltd. has chosen the cloud solution iLabber as their Electronic Laboratory Notebook system. iLabber will be used within early drug discovery research to improve research documentation and knowledge sharing and reinforce IP protection in contract research.

Key Organics is a leading global provider in the supply of high quality chemical products and contract services to the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and biotechnology sectors together with related industries and applications.

Operating out of offices in Camelford, UK, Key Organics conducts in-house research based on inventing novel compounds with no attached IP to increase the company’s collection of novel entities which they sell on, as well as contract research based on producing novel IP for customers.

Like many companies in the sector, Key Organics used a system comprising of handwritten laboratory notebooks. However, customer demand for ELNs increased, internal demand for better searchability of reactions, and the storage of 25 years worth of reactions in book format needed a computerized solution. In order to stay in the very top tier of early drug discovery research, and to remain a successful long-term player for its customers by providing strong IP protection and impeccable documentation in projects, Key Organics decided to implement iLabber, a full-scale ELN system in the cloud.

“We looked at ELNs from all the major vendors, but we didn’t want to have the high initial cost of ownership before we had any real-life time saving numbers or calculations. iLabber’s SaaS model suited our present position nicely, allowing us to grow with a scalable solution whilst still having the option to move to an on-site model should the need arise”, says Gary Lyons, IT Manager at Key Organics.

The iLabber chemistry package is now integrated into Key Organics’ existing IT infrastructure along with ISIS/Base and ChemAxon tools. Ease of use and ease of configuration of reactions have been two main benefits after the implementation.

“The feedback from our chemists has been very positive. They appreciate that the design looks like a lab book page even if in PDF or print out format. Within teams, they can search all the reactions that their colleagues have entered, coupled with invaluable information about failures/improved yields/ modifications etc. makes a powerful tool for a research chemist. The ease of use and searchability for both individual chemists and their respective Team Leaders saves time and assists communication have been typical comments from the chemists, whereas from an IT perspective time, savings and peace of mind that the data is totally secure and backed up off site make it an invaluable addition to Key Organics chemistry services and products offerings”, says Gary Lyons.

“The selection of iLabber by Key Organics is further confirmation of Contur as a significant provider of a chemistry ELN in the cloud. We have worked hard on our chemistry tools over the last few years and believe that we now compete with the more traditional chemistry focused products while keeping the flexibility and ease of use of iLabber ”, says Thomas Rozlucki, CEO at Contur Software.

About Key Organics Ltd.
Key Organics is a global organic chemistry leader with 25 years of proven expertise and competence; supplying high quality, novel Bionet Catalogue products (Fragments, Assay Standards, Screening compounds, Intermediates, AgrimediatesTM and Core Scaffolds) and KOCAS chemistry services (custom/contract synthesis, library design and FTE) for pharmaceutical, agrochemical and biotechnology industries. Information on Key Organics Ltd. is available at www.keyorganics.net.

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