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3/28/2019 - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Product Focus: Digital Integration

10/22/2018 - R&D Magazine
Next Generation of Biosimilars and Biobetters: Challenges and Opportunities

08/28/2018 - Laboratory Informatics
A Standardized Approach to Lab Informatics

05/14/2018 - Pharmaceutical Processing
Tech Transfer: How ELNs Are Integral to Data-Based Decision-Making

05/11/2018 - Laboratory News
Rescuing Curiosity

05/11/2018 - Lab Manager
How Prescriptive Analytics Helps You Know "What to Test Next"

05/04/2018 - Lab of the Future
Crafting the Future of Science with Advanced Artificial Intelligence

03/02/2018 - Technology Networks
Discipline Convergence and the New Manufacturing Paradigm

02/15/2018 - Laboratory News
Systems biology goes public

02/02/2018 - PharmTech/BioPharm International
Navigating Data Integrity in the Modern Lab

01/31/2018 - Scientific Computing World
Fostering Data Standardisation for Collaborative Innovation in the Analytical Lab

01/18/2018 - R&D Magazine
Biomimicry: Harmonizing Product and Nature With Advanced Modeling and Simulation

12/05/2017 - Smart Industry
Gathering clouds...what's coming in 2018

11/20/2017 - Scientific Computing
Scientific Collaboration in the Cloud Speeds Contract Research by Connecting People, Data, and Equipment

11/08/2017 - Laboratory Equipment
Experts Explain: A Multiscale Approach to Materials Design

10/09/2017 - Lab Manager
Digital Data in the Lab—What Now?

10/05/2017 - Drug Discovery & Development
Now Is the Time to Move to Cloud-based Research Informatics

10/05/2017 - Bio-IT World
Cloud-based Informatics Can Increase Agility, Reduce TCO, Improve Collaboration

10/05/2017 - ITProPortal
IT organizations are driving the move to cloud-based research informatics

10/03/2017 - Laboratory News
The crystal clarity of deep learning

09/01/2017 - Contract Pharma
How Can We Predict Immunogenicity Earlier in Drug Discovery?

08/10/2017 - Laboratory Equipment
Experts Explain: The Unified Laboratory

07/17/2017 - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Drug Stability Testing and Analytics

06/20/2017 - Technology Networks
Cloud-based Research Informatics: Improving Collaboration, Increasing Agility and Reducing Operating Costs

05/15/2017 - Laboratory Equipment
Experts Explain: The Rise of Laboratory Data Lakes

05/2/2017 - Laboratory Equipment
Support Tool Provides Next-generation Solutions

02/21/2017 - Pistoia Alliance
HELM for Bioregistration

02/07/2017 – Laboratory Equipment
Experts Explain: How the Internet of Things Validates the Lab of the Future

01/26/2017- Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Electronic Batch Records: Improving Compliance, Accelerating Time to Market

12/01/2016 ̶ Scientific Computing World
Banking on Information

12/7/2016 – Laboratory News
Enter the Era of On-demand Analytics

11/22/2016 – Pharma Focus Asia
Electronic FDA Submissions: Is APAC Prepared for the 2017 Mandate?

11/21/2016 – Materials Today
Keeping Pace with Innovations in Advanced Materials: Trends Not to Miss

11/11/2016 – R&D Magazine
2016 R&D100 Conference, Washington DC

10/31/2016 – BioIT World
Smarter ELNs and Smarter Labs Make for Smarter Science

10/25/2016 - Manufacturing Tech Insights.
Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA: Speeding Product Development for Science-driven Organizations

10/24/2016 – Chemical & Engineering News
Is Pharma Finally Embracing the Cloud?

10/01/2016 – Chemical Engineering
Modeling and Simulation Go beyond Design

09/22/2016 – Smart Industry
Multiscale Modeling—A Paradigm Shift in the Way We Design Everything

09/13/2016 – Lab Manager
The Next Generation of ELNs

O8/17/2016 – Clinical Leader
A Wake-Up Call for APAC: FDA Requires Electronic Submissions by 2017

O8/29/2016 – Pharmaceutical Processing
Establishing Industry Best Practices for Working with Novel Biotherapeutic Entities

O8/17/2016 – Clinical Leader
A Wake-Up Call for APAC: FDA Requires Electronic Submissions by 2017

07/01/2016 – Scientific Computing World
A Question of Confidence

O6/02/2016 – Contract Pharma
A Mars/Venus Perspective on Sponsor/Contractor Relationships

O6/01/2016 – Laboratory Equipment
Smart Data for Smart Decisions

05/01/2016 – Drug Discovery News
Strategically going digital

04/19/2016 – Speciality Chemicals
The Race to Innovate

04/05/2016 – Dassault Systèmes
Dassault Systèmes and Ipsen sign collaborative agreement to develop innovative programs to support Ipsen’s drug discovery

04/01/2016 – PharmaVOICE
Celebrating Innovation Value

03/29/2016 – BioProcess Online
3 Steps To Prepare For FDA's Final Quality Metrics Guidance

03/15/2016 – GEN
Dissecting Gene Expression Networks

02/26/2016 – Scientific Computing
Digitally Transforming Laboratory Operations

Jan-Feb 2016 – Lab Manager
A New World of Experimentation

1/25/2016 - Drug Discovery & Development
Unifying In Silico and Physical Experimentation to Radically Accelerate Innovation

01/01/2016 – Chemical Engineering Online
Platform eases collaboration, data sharing and compliance

1/01/2016 - Lab Product News (formerly LabCanada)
Accelerating Food Science Research

12/09/2015 - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Avoiding Collaboration Failure in Bio Pharma

2015-2016 - Laboratory Informatics Guide
Banking on Information

11/13/2015 - Scientific Computing
Quality by Design in Biopharma R&D: Bringing Quality Forward Pays Off

10/20/2015 - Laboratory Equipment
Connecting the Pieces of Your Lab

10/01/2015 – Pharmaceutical Online
Balancing Speed-to-Market with a Risk-Based Approach to Compliance

O9/01/2015 - BioPharm International
Utilizing Run Rules for Effective Monitoring in Manufacturing

08/17/2015 – Laboratory Equipment
The Lab of the Future: Crawl Before You Walk

08/10/2015– R&D Magazine
Combating the Life Science Data Avalanche

08/07/2015 – R&D Magazine
A Regulatory Helping Hand

08/06/2015 – American Laboratory
Evolving Software Enables Smarter Workflows: An Interview with Gene Tetreault of BIOVIA

July 2015 – Lab Manager Magazine
Social Science: The Future Promises a Paradigm Shift in Scientific Collaboration

Spring 2015 – BioProcessing Journal
Continued Process Verification: Monitoring and Maintaining a State of Control

03/01/2015 – Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
Lab Data Systems for Biomanufacturing

02/27/2015 – Laboratory Equipment
Pittcon Q&A With the Experts

01/19/2015 – Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Proper Process Prevents Poor Lab Performance

02/17/2015 - Bio-IT World
BIOVIA Launches Biologics Informatics Program

10/20/2014 - Chemical & Engineering News
The Human Element In Lab Informatics

10/01/2014 - Lab Manager Magazine
Simpler Implementation, More Accessibility

09/26/2014 - Manufacturing Chemist
Digital by Design

08/09/2014 - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
What’s Trending in Pharma IT

08/14/2014 - Scientific Computing World
From the Laboratory to the World

08/14/2014 - Scientific Computing World
Collaboration All the Way Along the Value Chain

07/30/2014 - Business Weekly
BIOVIA: The Killer50 Profile

07/30/2014 - ChemWatch.net
BIOVIA CISPro (formerly Accelrys) announces a new Alliance

07/25/2014 - OnWindows
Scientific Innovation In The Experience Economy

07/25/2014 - Science Magazine
The Paperless Lab

07/25/2014 - By Dick Slansky, ARC Advisory Group
Dassault Systèmes Expands 3DEXPERIENCE into New Industry Sectors

07/07/2014 - Laboratory Equipment
Sixth Annual Readers’ Choice Awards

07/07/2014 - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Pharma’s Tech Bench Gets Deeper With an All-Star Lineup Ready For The Big Leagues

06/20/2014 - Laboratory Equipment
There’s an App for That

06/16/14 - American Laboratory
The Importance of an Integrated Informatics Solution for Life Science Organizations and Keys to Successful Deployment

06/12/14 - BioProcess International
Managing Collaboration Across the Extended Organization

06/09/14 - Business Weekly
Accelrys Rebrands after Gamechanging Acquisition

06/05/14 - Scientific Computing
Collaboration in the Cloud: Research Virtualization is Accelerating Market Evolution

06/04/14 - R&D Magazine
Increasing Productivity and Efficiency in the Lab

05/30/14 - The Atlantic
Skip The Humans: Drug Discovery By Simulating Cells

05/21/14 - Dassault Systèmes
Dassault Systèmes Introduces BIOVIA;
Combines Accelrys and BioPLM, Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

05/16/14 - SupplySide R&D Insights
Preserving Knowledge with an Effective Digital Strategy in the Laboratory

05/08/14 - Lab Manager Magazine
Good Chemistry

05/08/14 - Lab Manager Magazine
Lab Manager Magazine Increased Lab Efficiency with Mobile Data Capture (pg. 84)

04/10/14- LaboratoryTalk.com
Mobile apps from Accelrys

04/17/14 – PR Newswire
New ScienceCloud Mobile Applications by Accelrys Drive Collaborative Drug Discovery

04/10/14 – Scientific Computing
Accelrys Insight

04/10/2014 - PR Newswire
Accelrys® Speeds Life Science Decisions with Next-Generation Insight®

04/05/14 – R&D Magazine
Taking Lab Informatics Mobile

04/04/2014 - Laboratory Equipment
App Records Data Real-time at the Bench

04/01/2014 - Lab Manager Magazine
Your Chemical Inventory

03/27/2014 - PR Newswire
Dr. David B. Agus to Present Keynote Address on the End of Illness at Accelerate2014

03/26/2014 - Scientific Computing World
Pharma’s Forward Motion

03/26/2014 - Scientific Computing World
Drug Discovery with Data

03/26/2014 - Scientific Computing World
Accelrys Notebook 5.0

03/25/2014 - Biocompare
Go Paperless with These Electronic Lab Notebooks

03/20/2014 - PR Newswire
Accelrys Science Council Adds Three New Fellows Supporting Scientific Research and Innovation

03/17/2014 - BioProcess International
Analytics for Modern Bioprocess Development

03/14/2014 - Engineering.com
Electronify Your Engineering Notebook

03/10/2014 - Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitor
Following FDA Guidance: Continuous Improvement In An Outsourced Environment

03/07/2014 - Contract Pharma
Microbiological Environmental Monitoring

03/06/2014 - FoodProduction
Accelrys: Food labs demand mobility, flexibility, and automation

03/05/2014 - TMCnet
Accelrys Connects Scientists and Materials with Mobile Strategy

03/03/2014 - Bio-IT World
Accelrys’ ScienceCloud Offers Route to Cloud Computing, Collaboration

03/03/2014 - Scientific Computing
Accelrys Capture Mobile Multimedia Application

03/03/2014 - PR Newswire
Accelrys Capture Drives Next-generation Mobility in the Laboratory

02/26/2014 - PR Newswire
Accelrys Notebook 5.0 Sets New Standards for Moving from Paper-Based to Digital Laboratories

02/21/2014 - Digital Laboratory
What Do You Expect To See At Pittcon 2014?

02/19/2014 – PR Newswire
Accelrys-sponsored Presentations at SmartLab Exchange Span Research and Laboratory Informatics

02/13/14 – PR Newswire
Accelrys Introduces the Accelrys Science Council Featuring Pioneers Committed to Scientific Excellence and Awareness

02/06/2014 – PR Newswire
ScienceCloud by Accelrys Transforms Externalized Drug Discovery

01/31/2014 – Lab Product News
Predictive Tools Spur Innovation

01/31/2014 – Bio-IT World
Accelrys CEO on Dassault Acquisition

01/31/2014 – U-T San Diego
Accelrys Sold for $750 million

01/31/2014 – GenomeWeb
Dassault Systemes, Accelrys Merger to Yield More Complete Solutions for Life Sciences R&D

01/30/2014 – Tech-Clarity
PLM Extends to the Scientific Lifecycle as Dassault Systèmes Acquires Accelrys

01/30/2014 – Schnitger Corporation
HUGE news: DS and Accelrys to merge PLM & chemistry

Article Archive

View Posts from 2013

12/17/2013 – The Analytical Scientist
The New Model

12/15/2013 – FierceBiotechIT
Accelrys Inks $50m Qumas Takeover To Continue Deal-Driven Expansion

12/12/2013 – Scientific Computing
Accelrys Materials Studio 7.0

12/12/2013 – PR Newswire
New Release of Accelrys Materials Studio Boosts Value of Modeling and Simulation in Scientific Innovation

12/11/2013 – Gartner
Qumas Acquisition Will Deepen Accelrys' Life Sciences Offering

12/11/2013 – Bio Process International
Responding to Life Sciences Manufacturing Industry Guidance

12/02/2013 – R&D Magazine
How Science Can “Grow Up” in 2014

12/10/2013 – Scientific Computing World
Accelrys Buys Qumas

11/15/2013 – PharmaVOICE
Accelrys Offers Integrated Predictive Sciences Solutions

11/04/2013 – Laboratory Equipment
Drug Discovery Software Expands Access to Data

11/01/2013 – Scientific Computing World
Accelrys Insight

10/23/13 - Chemistry World
Models of Success

10/21/13 - C&EN
Breaking Big

10/08/13 - PR Newswire
Accelrys Receives Highest Rating in Gartner's Latest Laboratory Informatics System Report

10/03/13 - laboratoryequipment.com
System is Next Step for R&D Informatics

09/26/13 –PR Newswire
Accelrys Brings Industry Leaders Together at Life Sciences Symposium

09/25/13 –PR Newswire
Accelrys Announces Accelrys Predictive Sciences

09/24/13 – R&D Magazine
Cheminformatics Software

09/24/13 – Pharmaceutical Business Review
Accelrys Completes Roll-Out of Next-Generation Cheminformatics Suite

09/23/13 – PR Newswire
Accelrys Brings Next-Generation Decision-making to Scientific Discovery with Launch of Accelrys Insight

09/13/13 –Consumer Goods Technology
2013 Product Innovation Solutions Chart

09/10/13 – PR Newswire
Accelrys Transforms Innovation by Bridging Cheminformatics and Bioinformatics

09/04/13 – PharmaVOICE.com
Accelrys Launches Laboratory Informatics System

09/03/13 – PR Newswire
Accelrys Acquires Environmental Health and Safety Leader ChemSW

08/30/13 – Drug Discovery News
ELNs and First-to-File

08/28/13 - PR Newswire
Cambridge Isotope Laboratories Selects Accelrys Lab Automation Software for Improved Quality Control and Regulatory Compliance

08/21/13 - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Accelrys Wins Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 2013 Innovation Award

08/12/13 - Lab Manager Magazine
Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs)

08/09/13 - Scientific Computing World
Where's the Beef?

08/05/13 - R&D Magazine
A Convergence of LIMS and ELNs in R&D Environments

08/01/13 - PharmaVOICE
Ken Rapp: A Technology Evangelist

07/22/13 - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
QbD: The Devil Is In The Data

07/16/13 - Drug Discovery News
On Cloud Nine

07/16/13 - Drug Discovery News
Accelrys Releases Industry-First Informatics System for R&D: The Accelrys Experiment Knowledge Base (EKB)

07/15/13 -SupplySide R&D Insights
Are 'Data Safaris' a Drag on Your R&D Efficiency?

07/01/13 - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
What's Trending in IT

07/01/13 - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Harnessing IT to Strengthen Relationships

07/1/13 -Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Where the Real Work Happens

06/24/13 - Chemical & Engineering News
Going External

06/13/13 - Plastics Today
New Laboratory Informatics System Aims to Improve R&D Efforts

06/13/13 - R&D Magazine
Accelrys Launches New Laboratory Informatics System

06/13/13 - Natural Products Insider
Accelrys Launches Informatics System for R&D

06/12/13 - LifeSciSoft News
Accelrys Enterprise Platform 9.0 for Big Data Management

06/02/13 - Pharmaceutical Technology
Using Model-Predictive Design in Solid-Dosage Manufacturing Processes

06/15/13 - Scientific Computing World
New Products: Externalized Collaboration Suite

05/31/13 - Dataversity
Accelrys Enterprise Platform 9.0 Enhances Big Data Capabilities

06/12/13 – PR Newswire
Accelrys Honors Sanofi with Inaugural Scientific Innovation Lifecycle Leaders Award

06/06/13 – CIO Review
Creating Value Through Science and IT Convergence

06/04/13 – PR Newswire
Accelrys Discoverant 4.3 Enhances Stability Analysis and Expiration Dating

06/03/13 –FierceBiotechIT
BT and Accelrys Deepen Ties for Cloud Computing in Life Sciences

06/03/13 – Light Reading
BT Helps Accelrys Understand Big Healthcare Data

06/03/13 – Laboratory Equipment
Pharma ELN Lessons for Food and Beverage

06/01/13 – PharmaVOICE
Research Networks to the Cloud

05/30/13 – PR Newswire
Scientifically Aware Accelrys Enterprise Platform 9.0 Breaks New Ground in Big Data Management

05/30/13 – PR Newswire
BT And Accelrys Help Scientists Gain Valuable Medical Insights From Big Data

05/30/13 – PharmTech
BT and Accelrys Technologies Unlock Value in Big Data

05/22/13 – Chemistry World
Notebooks Go Digital

05/21/13 – Bioscience Technology
Cloud-based Collaboration Suite

05/20/13 – PR Newswire
New Release of Accelrys Electronic Lab Notebook Transforms Laboratory Operations

05/13/13 – American Laboratory
Three Reasons Not to Throw Out Your LIMS

05/07/13 – PR Newswire
Accelrys and Pfizer Extend Agreement for Global Deployment of Scientific Innovation Lifecycle Management Software

05/01/13 – PharmaVOICE
Making Data Meaningful

04/12/13 – Pharmaceutical Technology
Accelrys Adds Laboratory Information Management System to Software Suite

04/12/13 – Scientific Computing World
Externalized Collaboration Suite

04/10/13 – Scientific Computing
Accelrys Externalized Collaboration Suite

04/09/13 – FierceBiotechIT
Accelrys, IBM, Others Spotlight New Tech To Back Pharma R&D

04/05/13 – Scientific Computing
eMolecules to join Accelrys directory

04/03/13 – Life Science Leader
A Successful Externalization Strategy Demands Modernized Informatics

04/02/13 – Daily Transcript
Accelrys, eMolecules unite on chemical compound info

03/26/13 – The Integrated Lab
Walking the floor at Pittcon

03/26/13 – Scientific Computing
Accelrys LIMS

03/20/13 – R&D Magazine
Laboratory Information Management System

03/19/13 – Bioscience Technology
Management System Transforms Lab Operations

03/19/13 – The Daily Transcript
Accelrys, US Data Management form partnership

03/19/13 - Scientific Computing World
Accelrys Process Management and Compliance Suite - Accelrys - Scientific Computing World

03/18/13 - Manufacturing Chemist
Accelrys expands process management and compliance suite

03/19/13 – Quality Manufacturing Today
Data deluge. Next generation development and quality informatics for CMOs, CROs and CDMOs

03/11/13 – Manufacturing Chemist
Working smarter with predictive science

03/05/13 – Scientific Computing World
Careful Consolidation?

02/27/13 – Fierce Biotech IT
Accelrys Marks Q4 Growth as Buyouts Weighs on Bottom Line

February 2013 – Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Harnessing IT to Strengthen Relationships

February/March 2013 – Scientific Computing World
All Part of the Service

February/March 2013 – Scientific Computing World
The Joy of Text

February/March 2013 – Scientific Computing World
The Processing Challenge

02/08/13 – Scientific Computing World
Accelrys ELN to Integrate with Reaxys

02/08/13 – Business Weekly
Accelrys Acquisition Could Stack Up to $10 Million

02/07/13 – BioProcess International
Manufacturing Culture

02/01/13 – Chemistry Today
Bridging the Efficiency Gap between Product Innovation and Manufacturing

01/17/13 – Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Accelrys Acquires Long-time Partner Vialis AG

01/15/13 – San Diego Business Journal
Accelrys Inc. Acquires Vialis AG for $5M

01/15/13 – American Laboratory
2012 in Retrospect: A Great Year for Scientific Software

01/14/13 – Scientific Computing World
Tie-up fuelling innovation

View Posts from 2012

12/18/12 – Product Design & Development
From Innovation to Commercialization: Closing The Productivity Gap

Nov/Dec 2012 – PharmaVOICE
Managing Big Data in the Cloud

11/12/12 – Chemical & Engineering News
Enter The Data Scientist

11/11/12 – Pharmaceutical Formulation & Quality
Data Management for Next Generation Pharma and Biotech Formulations

11/01/12 – Pharmaceutical Technology
Improving Technology Transfer Across Organizational & Geographic Boundaries

10/31/12 – Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitor
Better, Faster, Cheaper, Compliant

10/24/12 – Fierce Biotech IT
Accelrys Acquisition Hunt Continues with $30M Aegis Deal

10/23/12 – San Diego Union Tribune
San Diego's Accelrys Expands Product Line with Acquisition

10/23/12 – The Denver Business Journal
San Diego Firm Buying Aegis Analytical for $30M

10/23/12 – Xconomy
Accelrys Adds Another Scientific Software Company to Its Portfolio

10/12/12 – Nucleus Research
Accelrys announces new process management and compliance suite

10/10/12 – The Worchester Business Journal
What It Takes - Ken Rapp, Accelrys Inc., Milford

10/01/12 – Bioscience Technology
The Role of the Electronic Lab Notebook within the Research to Manufacturing Lifecycle

10/01/12 – PR Newswire
Accelrys Strengthens Leadership Team with Appointment of New Senior
Vice President of Marketing, Product Management and Corporate Development

09/24/12 – FierceBiotechIT
Accelrys goes late-stage in R&D software game

08/31/12 – GenomeWeb
Downloads and Upgrades: Accelrys ELN

08/30/12 – Scientific Computing World
Symyx Notebook Update

08/30/12 – Scientific Computing
Accelrys Electronic Lab Notebook

08/21/12 – Manufacturing.net
Streamlining The Innovation Lifecycle

08/21/12 – Worchester Business Journal
Accelrys Moves Local Division To Milford

08/10/12 – Drug Discovery & Development
Public Data Spurs Profiling Advantage

08/06/12 – Fierce Biotech IT
Accelrys Keeps Pace with 13% Jump in Revenue

08/01/12 – Pharmind
Sustainable Drug Development: More than Being "Green"

07/24/12 – SupplySide R&D Insights
Closing the R&D Productivity Gap

07/06/12 – Drug Discovery News
Pop-up Informatics

07/01/12 – Life Science Leader
Shared Quality Responsibility Pays Off For Sponsors, CMOs

07/01/12 – Scientific Computing World
Food Safety First

07/01/12 – Scientific Computing
State of the ELN Market: A look back at the past 12 months

06/30/12 – BioProcess International
Informatics Technologies in an Evolving R&D Landscape

06/21/12 – Pharmaceutical Business Review
Accelrys Unveils Modeling and Simulation Software

06/07/12 – Scientific Computing World
Mind the gap: Accelrys CEO Explains Productivity Gap

06/07/12 – Social Signals Marketing
Externalization Is Forcing Change in IT Infrastructures

06/06/12 – Lab Manager Magazine
Ask the Expert: Choosing the Right ELN for the Right Application

06/05/12 – Network World
The Role of IT in Linking Innovation Lifecycle Information Management to ERP and PLM

06/04/12 – TMCnet Infotech Spotlight
Gulf Coast Consortia Signs Five-Year Software Licensing Agreement with Accelrys

06/03/12 – Fierce BiotechIT
Accelrys software to support efforts in Texas to study rare cancers

06/01/12 – BioPharm International
Determining Process Quality Metrics for CMOs

05/30/12 – HAPPI Magazine
Speeding Demand-Driven Innovation

05/21/12 – San Diego Business Journal
Accelrys’ IT Platform Collects R&D Data in a Central Place
Article is page 4

05/21/12 – FierceBiotechIT
Accelrys Snaps Up Discovery Software from Scynexis

05/21/12 – GenomeWeb
Thomson Reuters Provides Access to Life Science Data through Accelrys Software

05/18/12 – Pharmaceutical Business Review
Accelrys buys web-based drug discovery solution from Scynexis

05/07/12 – Chemical & Engineering News
The Battle for The Lab

04/25/12 – HealthTech Zone
BT for Life Sciences R&D Hopes to Help Drug Companies Work Together

04/25/12 – Bio-IT World
Hello Siri, Please Start My Experiment Now

04/25/12 – ComputerworldUK
BT launches life sciences R&D cloud

04/20/12 – Supply & Demand Chain Executive
Accelrys Announces Enterprise Platform

04/17/12 – Drug Discovery & Development
Accelrys Discussing Productivity Gap

04/17/12 – Xconomy
Accelrys Takes on Productivity Gap with Scientific Lifecycle Software

04/12/12 – Drug Discovery and Development

04/10/12 – Gartner
Cool Vendors in Manufacturing Operations, 2012

03/23/12 – WIRED
Can You Really Sequence DNA With a USB Thumb Drive?

03/01/12 – Pharmacuetical Formulation & Quality
FORMULATION - Monoclonal Antibodies | Maximize Your mAbs

02/29/12 – Specialty Chemicals Magazine
Streamlining the chemical innovation lifecycle

02/24/12 – GenomeWeb
Accelrys Works with Oxford Nanopore to Prep Analysis Tools for Upcoming GridIon, MinIon

02/22/12 – Bio-IT World
ELN Excellence: The New Lab Notebooks

02/17/12 – Bio-IT World
Oxford Strikes First in DNA Sequencing Nanopore Wars

02/11/12 – Drug Discovery News
Accelrys on a Quest

01/26/12 – Bio-IT World
Accelrys' Cheminformatics Solution in HEOS Cloud

01/25/12 – Nature News
Going paperless: The digital lab

01/05/12 – in-PharmaTechnologist.com
Accelrys moves into Pharma QA/QC with VelQuest acquisition

01/01/12 – BioProcess International
Manufacturing Process Automation - Finding a Pathway Forward

01/01/12 – Pharmaceutical Commerce
Brand Owner-CMO Collaboration is Growing -- But is Far from Mature

01/01/12 – Drug Discovery & Development
From HCS Image to Info

View Posts from 2011

12/01/11 – Press Release
Accelrys Announces Chr. Hansen Deployment of iLabber ELN to 300 Users

11/14/11 – Contract Pharma
Managing CMO Networks - Process Understanding Through Shared Data

11/02/11 – Industry Week
Life Sciences Manufacturers Face Growing Pressures for Quality Improvement

11/01/11 – Pharmaceutical Commerce
Recalls Stimulate Scrutiny of Quality Assurance in Drug Packaging

11/01/11 – BioProcess International
Sustainability in Bioprocessing - Not Just an Afterthought

11/15/11 – PharmaVOICE
Strategic Outsourcing

11/09/11 – Accelrys Press Release
Nippon Shinyaku Selects and Deploys Accelrys Electronic Lab Notebook

11/01/11 – American Laboratory
The Multidisciplinary Electronic Laboratory Notebook: Pipe Dream or Proven Success?

10/28/2011 – PharmaManufacturing.com
Industry Thought Leaders Share Visions and Lessons about Quality for Innovation and Continuous Process Improvement

10/24/11 – Scientific Computing
Implementing Electronic Lab Notebooks Part 6: Research Management

10/12/11 – BioIT World
Accelrys Launches Next-Generation Informatics Suite and Cloud Portal

9/27/11 – Bio-IT World
Enterprise NGS: NGS software should be versatile, agile, and scalable

09/01/11 – Automation World
Digging Through Data To Find Manufacturing Intelligence

8/25/11 – Scientific Computing
Implementing Electronic Lab Notebooks Part 4: Enabling Collaboration 

08/17/11 – Pharmtech.com
Biosimilars Increase the Need for IT to Reduce Variability

8/15/11 – Scientific Computing
ELN Authentication: Navigating a Sea of Options

8/11/11 – R&D Mag
Molecular Modeling Simulates Savings

8/2/11 – Bio-IT World
Accelrys Pipeline Pilot Guides ONT’s Nascent NGS Data Handling

08/01/11 – Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer
Data At Work

7/28/11 – Scientific Computing
Implementing Electronic Lab Notebooks Part 3: Documenting Experiments

7/25/11 – Drug Discovery News
From enterprise ELN to ‘paper on glass’

7/20/11 – Drug Discovery & Development
Streamlining Innovation: The Role of In-silico Techniques

7/18/111 – FierceBiotech IT
Accelrys Integrates MIT Tech Into Updated Lab Software

7/15/11 – GenomeWeb
Accelrys Adds Protein-Aggregation Prediction Algorithm to Latest
Discovery Studio Release

7/13/11 – Bio-IT World
Updated Accelrys Discovery Studio Targets Protein Aggregation

7/1/11 – Press Release
Contur Software delivers cloud based ELN solution to chemistry research company Key Organics

7/1/11 – Drug Discovery News
From enterprise ELN to ‘paper on glass’

6/29/2011 – Press Release
World leading brewery group Carlsberg implements ConturELN

6/23/11 – Drug Discovery & Development
Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire?

6/21/11 – Scientific Computing
Implementing Electronic Lab Notebooks Part 2: Building the Foundation

6/09/11 – FierceBiotech IT
Accelrys faces PerkinElmer in race to move labs from paper to pixel notebooks

6/06/11 – Chemical & Engineering News
Benchtop Informatics

6/02/11 – Scientific Computing
Implementing Electronic Lab Notebooks: How do you define and manage success?

5/27/11 – GenomeWeb
Accelrys Acquires ELN Company to Complement Existing Symyx Notebook

5/19/11 – Chemical & Engineering News
The Next Generation In Genome Sequencing

5/13/11 – Information Management
Predictive Analytics for Materials Science

5/18/11 –TMCnet
Accelrys Employs Knowledge Management Solution to Speed Innovation

5/5/11 –Lab Manager Magazine
LIMS: Connecting Instruments to the Data Backbone

05/02/11 – Fierce Pharma Manufacturing.com
Accenture IT fix for quality misses key point

4/13/11 – Bio-IT World
Bio-IT World Announces 2011 Best Practices Winners

3/21/11 – Press Release
Antibody research company Kymab implements ConturELN

3/21/11 – Science Foundation Ireland
UCD College of Engineering, Mathematical and Physical Sciences Agrees to License Accelrys Software for Academic Collaboration

3/18/11 – GenomeWeb
Oxford Nanopore and Accelrys to Develop Software for Nanopore Sequencing

3/4/11 – GenomeWeb
Accelrys Unveils Post-Symyx-Merger Business Strategy Amid 42 Percent Rise in Q4 Revenues

03/04/11 – Denver Business Journal
Robert DiScipio Discusses Health Care, Economic Growth

3/3/11 – Xconomy
After Assimilating Symyx, San Diego’s Accelrys Sets Ambitious Course
for Scientific Software

2/25/11 – Genomeweb
Accelrys, Debuting New NGS Collection for Pipeline Pilot, Eyes Growing
Sequencing Market

2/10/11 – Press Release
Contur Software partners with Heinz North America on new electronic lab notebook system

2/1/11 – Drug Discovery & Development
Simulating with Software

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12/28/10 – Press Release
Contur Software awarded prestigious contract from Mount Sinai School of Medicine

12/01/10 – BioProcess International
Risk Mitigation Through Improved Process Predictability

11/10/10 – Lab Manager Magazine
LIMS: Flexible Software Platforms for Every Lab

10/29/10 – HAPPI
Cosmetics Companies Get Active

10/27/10 – Press Release
iLabber selected by research group at Yale's Chemistry Department

10/13/10 – Scientific Computing World
Accelrys Draw 4.0

10/12/10 – R&D Magazine
Integrated Informatics Speed Time to Innovation

10/04/10 – Accelrys Makes "Quantum Leap" With Materials Studio 5.5
New Release Benefits Electronics, Chemical, and Alternative Energy Industries

10/01/10 – Inside Cosmeceuticals
Improve Your Product’s Image with Smarter Scientific Informatics

9/30/10 – Press Release
Plexxikon implements ELN across all disciplines

9/16/10 – Frost & Sullivan
Frost & Sullivan Acknowledges Accelrys for Scientific Informatics Solution

9/1/10 - American Laboratory Magazine
Collaborating in the Cloud

08/20/10 – Gartner
Gartner Analyst, Kevin O'Marah expands on Merck Serono case study

8/11/10 - Industry Week
From Science to Sustainability: The link between leading-edge research and greener materials and products

8/01/10 - Drug Discovery & Development
Integrating Informatics

8/01/10 - Drug Discovery & Development
Structured Drug Design

7/29/10 - BioIT World
Workflow’s Towering Aspirations

07/21/10 – Pharmtech.com
Intelligence Platforms Can Strengthen Relationships with Contractors

07/5/10 – Automation World Magazine
Real-time Information Boosts Manufacturing Decision Making

7/01/10 - Accelrys, Inc. and Symyx Technologies, Inc. Complete Merger
Creates a New Leader in Scientific Informatics Software

6/17/10 - Information Management
For Scientific Enterprises, Smart Information Management Strikes a Balance Between Content and Context

6/15/10 - Scientific Computing
Materials Studio Collection for Pipeline Pilot

6/01/10 - Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
Accelrys launches Pipeline Pilot 8.0

5/26/10 - CHEManager
Accelrys launches Pipeline Pilot 8.0 to Enable the Scientific Enterprise

05/25/10 – Managing Automation
The Many Faces of Quality Data

05/18/10 – Press Release
Evotec AG implements ConturELN Contur Software's Enterprise ELN system

05/15/10 – ARC Advisory Group
Process Analytical Technology Helps Pharmaceutical Companies Capture Process Knowledge and Achieve Operational Excellence

5/14/10 - MTB Europe: “Technology for Healthcare”
Accelrys launches Pipeline Pilot 8.0 to Enable the Scientific Enterprise

5/13/10 - Scientific Computing
Pipeline Pilot 8.0

5/12/10 - R & D Directions Insider
Tool addresses biologic registration limits

5/11/10 - Scientific Computing World
BIOINFORMATICS - Accelrys Biological Registration

5/07/10 - Press Release
Electronic Laboratory Notebooks at Karolinska Institutet

5/05/10 - Drug Discovery & Development
Informatics Platform

5/05/10 - BioIT World
Accelrys Announces Pipeline Pilot 8.0 Scientific Informatics Platform

5/01/10 - Scientific Computing
Material Values - The Application of Statistical Packages to Materials Science

4/28/10 - INTERPHEX 2010 Videocast
John Conway, Accelrys, Discusses Biological Registries with Michelle Hoffman of PharmTech.com at INTERPHEX 2010

4/23/10 - Genomeweb
Todd Johnson has been named executive vice president of sales, marketing and services at Accelrys.

4/22/10 - San Diego Daily Transcript
Accelrys announces appointment of Todd Johnson as its Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Services

4/20/10 - BioITWorld.com
Biological Registration Best Practice

04/19/10 – Pharmaceutical Technology Equipment and Processing
Using Existing Software to Track and Reduce Utility Use

4/13/10 - Global Cosmetic Industry
Transferring Innovation to Global Markets

4/05/10 - Accelrys, Inc. and Symyx Technologies, Inc. Announce Merger
Creates a New Leader in Scientific Informatics Software

4/01/10 - Scientific Computing World
The Company Lunch Table 2.0

3/31/10 - Press Release
Contur Software AB acquires iNovacia's research informatics division

3/17/10 - Drug Discovery and Development
Computational Chemistry Software

3/05/10 - CHEManager Europe
Tear Down Walls, Increase the Speed of Innovation

03/01/10 – Next Generation Pharma Magazine
ROI: The strong case for EMI Software

2/15/10 - Press Release
Contur Software has signed framework contract for ELN systems at Karolinska Institutet, Uppsala and Umeå Universities

2/08/10 - Inside Cosmeceuticals
Modeling Can Improve Your Products Looks But Maybe Not the Way You Think

2/03/10 - Engineering & Technology Magazine
Simulation and the art of making nanotechnology work

01/27/10 – Pharmaceutical Processing
Enabling Process Understanding, Continuous Quality Verification and Real-Time Release

1/22/10 - eWeek
How to Mine Scientific Business Intelligence in the Cloud

1/20/10 - Bio-IT World
Transforming Drug Development

1/20/10 - Bio-IT World
The Italian (Informatics) Job

1/20/10 - Bio-IT World
Accelrys Finds Ways to Engage

1/08/10 - Scientific Computing World
Accelrys makes senior appointments

1/01/10 - PharmaExec
Build a Better Lunch Table

View Posts from 2009

12/15/09 - Perfumer & Flavorist
Materials Studio 5.0
January Print Issue

11/30/09 - R&D Directions
Deliver on the ‘fail early’ pharmaceutical mantra

12/01/09 – Pharmtech.com
Process Intelligence Is Critical to the Pharmaceutical Enterprise

11/11/09 - Scientific Computing World
Materials Studio 5.0

10/28/09 - Scientific Computing
Data Analysis of Materials Studio 5.0

10/28/09 - Bio-ITWorld.com
Accelrys’ Success Formula: Strength and Scope

10/14/09 - Genome Web
BioIT Alliance Inches Away from Microsoft, Creates Broader Governance, Renews Focus on Standards

10/01/09 – BioProcess International
Software Simplifies Accounting for Batch Genealogy Improving Process Knowledge and Design Through Upstream/Downstream Data Analysis

9/30/09 - American Laboratory
Extracting Greater Value from Scientific Data: An Optimizing Approach

9/24/09 - BeyeNETWORKS
Podcast Interview with Bill Stevens, Vice President of Marketing

9/24/09 - PharmaVoice
Max Carnecchia Joins Accelrys

9/16/09 - Drug Discovery & Development
Drowning Research Scientist, Meet Life Preserver

7/24/09 - Bio IT World
Two Pharmas: Better than One

9/07/09 - Laboratory Talk
Lablogic helps to create Accelrys reporting tool

9/02/09 - Inside Cosmeceuticals
Smart Innovation Reaches for Relevance

08/01/09 – Next Generation Pharma Magazine
The See vs. Solve Challenge Of Life Sciences

7/21/09 - Manufacturing Business Technology
"Speeding the innovation cycle," by Frank K. Brown, PhD

6/24/09 - NanoTimes
Accelrys announces new CEO

6/19/09 - BioInform (GenomeWeb)
Accelrys Taps Content Management Software Exec as New CEO, Reaffirms Commitment to Life Sciences

6/17/09 - San Diego Business Journal
Accelrys Names CEO

6/17/09 - eWeek
“How to Leverage IT to Speed R&D Innovation”, by Frank Brown, Ph.D.

6/15/09 - Pharmaceutical Processing
Unlocking the Information That Drives Pharmaceutical Innovation: An Optimized Approach to Extracting Greater Value from Scientific Data

6/12/09 - NanoTimes
Interview with Accelrys

June 2009 issue - Drug Discovery
Analyzing data at single-cell level

6/7/09 - Promise of Tomorrow Radio Show
1x1 interview with Dr. Frank Brown - part 2

06/01/09 – PharmaManufacturing.com
Beyond the Data Warehouse: It's time to shatter the myth of one-stop process data access-dynamic mapping engines allow users easier access to both discrete and time series data

06/01/09 – Automation World Magazine
A Change of Course for Pharma Manufacturing: The FDA's Quality-by-Design Initiatives Holds Potential to Transform the Pharma Industry's Approach to Drug Development and Manufacturing

06/01/09 – Engineering & Biotechnology Magazine
Tech Transfer Key to CMO Cost Reduction

06/01/09 – PharmaManufacturing.com
FDA's Process Validation Guidance Calls For Technology Solutions

5/31/09 - Promise of Tomorrow Radio Show
1x1 interview with Dr. Frank Brown - Part 1

5/13/09 - Industry Week
“Lean Innovation; Unlocking High-Value Data to Speed New Product Development” by Frank Brown

05/01/09 – Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine
Putting Global Manufacturing Data at Your Fingertips: Implementing a New IT paradigm for On-Demand Data Is As Much as an Organizational Issue As It is A Technological One

5/1/09 - Scientific Computing World
Beauty is skin deep

4/27/09 - BioInform (GenomeWeb)
PerkinElmer, Accelrys Integrate Cell Imaging Software

4/17/09 - BioInform (GenomeWeb)
Accelrys has released the List Management and Query Services, or LMQS

03/01/09 – Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology
Achieving Manufacturing Process Excellence

02/01/09 – Pharmtech.com
Bridging the Development-Manufacturing Gap to Achieve QbD and PAT

02/01/09 – Future Pharmacuticals
Process Intelligence: Future Pharmaceuticals Discusses Manufacturing Trends with Robert Di Scipio, President and CEO, Aegis Analytical

02/01/09 – PharmaManufacturing.com
Process Development and Manufacturing Need To Be One Team

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