Scientific Collaboration All the Rage at Bio-IT 2016: Utilizing Cloud and Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

The following is a guest post by Dan Jones, Director of Marketing Programs, BIOVIA.

scientific collaboration

At the BioIT World Conference in Boston earlier this month, vendors and customers highlighted Scientific Collaboration as a major theme in drug discovery. Interestingly, over 90% of pharma and biotech companies do not yet have a purpose-built solution in place to support these collaborations.

James Connelly from Sanofi presented a strategic imperative for his company to adopt an informatics platform for externalized discovery research. He focused on the use case of harmonizing SAR data in the cloud and sharing that with Sanofi partners in academic, CRO, biotech and other pharma. Sanofi is reporting very significant productivity improvements compared to their ‘old’ practices which depended on Excel spreadsheets, SharePoint and manual data processing and lacked common data standards and conventions. With BIOVIA ScienceCloud, Sanofi was able to dramatically reduce the time it takes to start up new external collaborations, while also achieving up to 85% time savings in processing and analyzing data resulting from these collaborations.

scientific collaboration

Ton van Daelen from BIOVIA spoke about how to ‘take scientific collaboration to the next level’, and presented three collaboration use cases at large pharma. One challenge ScienceCloud has helped them overcome is clarifying IP ownership with the use of a collaborative electronic notebook. Other use cases discuss data sharing with CROs performing chemical synthesis and screening. In this hybrid cloud scenario, BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot automatically synchronizes collaborator data with on-premise systems, giving chemists and biologists immediate access to this data through familiar applications. This has resulted in very significant savings in processing and error-checking data across diverse partner networks.

scientific collaboration

Michael Elliott of Atrium Research organized a workshop titled “Security Considerations for Virtual Research.” Speakers from pharma and biotech highlighted the need for adoption of dedicated informatics solutions to support external collaborations and explained how cloud solutions are now at a point where they can offer a higher level of security than on-premise informatics solutions. BIOVIA’s Ton van Daelen presented on the ‘state of the art of cloud security’ and gave guidance to customers on implementing a cloud solution for external collaboration. The conclusion was clear: your data can be more secure in the cloud than it is on prem, provided you update your internal IT practices, select a provider with a proven track record (e.g., Amazon Web Services) and select a vendor that meets the highest security standards (ISO 27001).

It was a pleasure meeting with so many of you in Boston! We look forward to continuing our conversations on how we can help you leverage external collaborations to improve productivity and lower risk. Visit for more information or contact us today.