Complimentary Webinar: Five Ways Biopharma and Medical Device Manufacturers Can Accelerate Patient-Centric Innovation

The pace of change in the Life Sciences industry is both exciting and extraordinary, resulting in core paradigm shifts in both strategies and processes for key industry stakeholders. Leading Life Sciences organizations understand that in order to meet these challenges they must excel in scientific leadership and innovation for processes throughout their ecosystem to create competitive advantage, and deliver holistic, superior patient and physician-centric experiences.

Join Dassault Systemes for this live webinar taking place on July 11th at 11:00 AM Eastern time, featuring Dr. Steven Levine, Dassault Systèmes and Pierre Frouin, BioSerenity, and learn about:

  • The new generation of cloud-based digital technologies that have lowered the cost of innovation while increasing reliability and robustness of solutions
  • How companies can leverage the Digital Twin concept to optimize the operation and maintenance of assets, systems and manufacturing processes in life sciences
  • Advancing biomedical engineering with new technologies designed to advance cardiovascular science through realistic simulation (the Living Heart Project)

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About the presenters:

Dr. Steven Levine, Dassault Systemes

Dr. Levine is Sr. Director of Life Science and the Executive Director of the Living Heart Project at Dassault Systèmes. Steve is responsible for leading the DS strategy for digital healthcare, including the 3DEXPERIENCE Twin, which uses advanced AI and VR to create functioning 3D human models.

Pierre Frouin, BioSerenity

Pierre Frouin has a Masters in IT Engineering and an MBA from INSEAD. Pierre did his whole career in the Medical Industry. A third in Asia, a third in Europe and a third in North America. With experience in the pharmaceutical industry and medical device business, Pierre founded BioSerenity in 2014, a company that has received many awards for its medical innovations.

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About the Author:

Sharon Rodger
Editor; Internal & Digital Communications at Dassault Systemes
Sharon Rodger is a member of Dassault Systèmes North America marketing team, focused on internal communications and digital marketing.