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Automating Chromatography Data System (CDS) Workflows

John Helfrich, VP of Strategic Programs, ADQM Solutions Group - Accelrys

Liquid Chromotagraphy: Biomedical, Boianalytical and Pharmaceutical Session
Thursday, March 21st
9:55 AM - Room – 120C

In all analytical laboratories, a common and routine task is the preparation of samples, reagents and mobile phases used for HPLC analyses.  In addition, all labs purchase, prepare, store, and control chemical reagents, solvents, standards, HPLC columns and working reagents. In regulated environments (such as the life science industry), the documentation of important metadata concerning the solutions and materials is critical for proper control of the preparation process and assurance of proper procedural completeness, accuracy, and documentation. In today’s paper-based lab notebook environment, when samples and mobile phases are ready all the data must be manually keyed into the Chromatography Data System (CDS) sequence set for analysis.  For all these samples and materials,  metadata such as manufacturer, purchase date, quantity, expiration date, usage by analyst, and minimum inventory needs are required to manage the operations and provide the context link of these samples and consumables to the analytical data. Today, the traditional process for the HPLC prep and lab consumables inventory tracking is “paper-based” using notebooks, logbooks, and forms that require reviews and approvals by peers or supervisors. In a paper-based environment these data are subject to resource training and compliance with standard operating procedures that are often difficult to monitor and control.

This paper will outline a software system to automate the checking in and out of critical chemicals, standards, and mobile phase components as well as forwarding all the sample preparation data to the CDS sequence set. 




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