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February 26 - 27, 2013

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We are pleased to announce that Dr. Colin Taft, Sr. Manager Lab Systems, Janssen Pharmaceutical will be presenting on our behalf in addition to Ken Rapp, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Accelrys ADQM Business Segment. Details of both presentations can be found below:

Presentation: Review of a Pilot Study and Business Case Development for Accelrys Lab Execution System (LES) in a large Multi-National Pharmaceutical Environment

Presentation details: Tuesday 26th February, Stream B: 15.10 - 15.40

Presenter: Dr. Colin Taft, Sr. Manager Lab Systems, Janssen Pharmaceutical

A pilot study has been executed to verify the potential of electronic systems to improve laboratory efficiency and compliance through the introduction of paperless solutions for analytical activities across a complex mix of laboratories and product types. Accelrys LES has been trialed to determine the business benefits around improved efficiency and compliance in a highly regulated analytical environment. This presentation will cover:

  • Overview of the pilot study and results
  • S88 recipe approach for method configuration
  • Developing the business case to move forward from assessment to strategic deliverable

Presentation: Next Generation Product Development through Commercialization Landscape…Integrated Approach to Paperless Laboratory and Manufacturing Process Management and Compliance Operations

Presentation details: Tuesday 26th February, Plenary Session: 18.05 - 18.45

Presenter: Ken Rapp, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Accelrys ADQM Business Segment

Overview of current landscapes in the product commercialization process including challenges, opportunities, and solutions.  Insights from industry deployments including publications from AstraZeneca, Bristol Myers Squibb, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, etc.):

  • 10X Lower Compliance Risk vs Paper-based
  • 30% Efficiency gains
  • 50% Cycle Time Reductions
  • Advanced Techniques for Business Process Improvement utilizing state of the art technology to define and graphically identify opportunities where Paperless Solutions will provide significant benefits, both within a department and inter-department operations.
  • Innovative Technologies addressing Product Development to Commercialization Life Cycle Management including Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN), Laboratory Execution Systems (LES), Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Process Management Informatics,  Instrument Data Systems (IDS), and Platform Technologies to Integrate Data from disparate Systems.  Core Technologies, Architectures, and Interfaces.
  • Achieving proven business results including metrics of business drivers and tools to calculate payback and net present value of investments in systems

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We look forward to seeing you in Munich!

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