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Visit us at Innovation Fusion - NPD and Technology Excellence for Chem & FMCG Sectors

April 21-22, 2015
Berlin, Germany

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Dr Reza Sadeghi, Managing Director, BIOVIA will be presenting 'Science Driving Innovation'.

When: TBC
Track: FMCG

Science Driving Innovation

The development of engineered materials is fueling many emerging industries as they address today’s challenges in energy, healthcare, national security and other areas. Yet it still takes far too long to make complex structures transferrable into producible components. This is due in part to continued reliance on scientific intuition and trial and error experimentation. Much design and testing of materials is currently performed using time-consuming and repetitive experiment and characterization loops.

But the future of engineered materials is bright, inspired by how nature has for billions of years evolved new materials through the accidental and incremental “R&D” of natural selection. A virtual material lab is needed to enable multi-scale modeling to determine what is (and will be) feasible and viable, when, and at what cost. A remarkable opportunity exists to accelerate radical and life-friendly biomaterials innovation. The computational power is available, waiting for the platform to leverage it. The result will be a revolution in Materials-by-Design.  Dr. Reza Sadeghi will speak to how modeling and simulation combined with informatics can speed time to commercialization for engineered materials.

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We look forward to seeing you in Berlin!

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